Sunday, December 29, 2013

Onto Alaska!

I've been wanting to blog about our trip to Alaska and finally started!

Job status

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Dinner

Well, food for the coming week.  And for once I wasn't long winded!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's almost Friday

Two videos because I accidently hit the stop button in the middle.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sleepy, Snowy Weekend Update

Yes, there is good job related news.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013


The top is the ring I wore today.  I don't remember if I got it at Kohls or Wal-mart.  I've had it for a long time.  I wear a lot of pink and purple so I wear it often enough.
Yesterday, I didn't leave the house so the only jewelry I wore were these old plastic earrings.  The summer after I had my ears pierced.  Hills was selling all sorts of fun plastic earrings 6 for $0.99.  Yes, I bought a card like each week.  Some I still have, some fell to pieces.
Today was music Sunday, so I have no sermon notes.  However, we do have an awesome worship band!

Friday, November 22, 2013


I know unoriginal Friday name.  I have a pink sweater on.  I believe I got this bracelet at Kohls.  The other disks say Love and Laugh.
What are your weekend plans?  I'm going to dinner tonight downtown.  It looks like they have odd food combinations, and I'll probably end up with the ribeye.

Tomorrow I am setting up 2 Christmas trees and my village.  Also, my parents' dog has his 9th birthday!  And I bought him a new stuffed pumpkin since the past couple years I have and it has been well loved.
Sunday is our turn to do coffee at church.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two pictures today!

There's actually two pictures to share today.

The first is a Christmas tree ornament I won in the department holiday craft sale yesterday.  Turns out the woman who sits across the aisle made it for me.  Last night, I hung it on the four foot tree in the TV room.  Several years ago, another co-worker made me a set of plastic canvas ornaments, like this.  We ended up with a white & gold tree.  But I think I'm going to add this to it since it's another crafty ornament made by a co-worker.  All the light blue is cross-stitched and only about 2x3 when done, so the squares are insanely tiny.

And this is today's bracelet.  It's, also, another Walmart anklet.  I wanted you to see that it does match the sweater well.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So I made this, but measured the band wrong so you can see the large gap. I think it's very pretty, but I need to restring it so that it stays on my wrist.
I was turned down for two jobs that I applied and one I interviewed for today.  So yeah, but I did schedule a phone interview for tomorrow.
Tonight MU loses it's last football game for the year.  How do I know that?  There are no more games.  And yes, if we hire Kerry Combs I'm going to feel dirty.  Even more so than Tressel.

Monday, November 18, 2013


I finally got my bathroom floor scrubbed and two Christmas trees up yesterday.  I'll take photos when we are done.  I walked over 10,000 steps yesterday, which is like double my usual average.  So yeah, I fell into bed at 12:30 last night.  I got up with the alarm clock this morning.  I'm having dinner out with friends on Friday, so I need to leave work early, so I want to put some extra time in this week so that it still comes out to 40 hours.  I'll let you know about the restaurant.  It sounds expensive, but weird food.

Here's today's bracelet.  Yes, it has my name on it.  I got it on vacation at some point, but I don't remember where, or maybe my parents brought it back for me.  I like that it goes with a variety of things.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Day; Another Interview

Another Day; Another Interview
Honestly, this job sounds interesting & that it could use some of the analysis that I do well.  I just feel like lately I keep getting interviews and never actually get a job, but again no one can define an area that I'm weak, so it's wearing on me and getting frustrating.  However, I do have several bracelets I need to photograph an show you.

Monday, November 11, 2013

What If

Last week's sermon notes.  Can you believe it?  I'll now be blogging about more and different stuff with only one day of notes to comment on.
What if - sermon series  The start of a new series.  Yes, I missed week 2 because I didn't want to cough through it.  So anyhow.

Serve  What if we served?  Sometimes I wonder how much I'm expected to do, and if it's ever okay for me to veg out....

we took the great commission personally?  I think that's something that being in Crusade taught me.  It's finding the balance between building a relationship and saying something and not being annoying.

John 13

Stop trying to elevate ourselves  That's a hard one for me at the moment because searching for a job is all about selling yourself and the great things that you have done.  Especially since I've done more than my positions would suggest.  I mean if I wasn't doing the manager's job than they wouldn't have had time for E-bay and gossip, so yes I do take credit for the things that I actually did.

We became a servant  That would kind of flow from stop trying to elevate ourselves, wouldn't it?

Why didn't anyone start washing each others feet when they entered the upper room  I never thought about this.  I mean clearly Jesus was the Messiah, and this task belonged to the lowest.  But none of them were willing to humble themselves or thought that someone else would do it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Putting it into action.

So sleepy so yeah  - We did coffee this morning.  It's 10/27.  We have to be there by 8, so staying awake was a challenge.  (Nothing to do with the sermon!)

We find excuses not to change.  True,  I always have to get this or that done first.  That's the thing about letting the dead bury the dead, right?

What do you hope to be different about your life.  That's a long list.

Luke 14

Always an excuse.

Good intentions va God intentions.

What does God want changed in my life?

Why does God want it changed. 

Romans 8. Exodus 4:10

We have to take the first step

2 Corinthians 12:-1

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Easter sermon Notes

First, yes, I am feeling better since yesterday.  Can we blame coming down with a cold at the wrong time of the month for being more emotional than I probably should have been?
Also, there is no jewelry today because I was more concerned about just getting out of the house and not dying than anything else today.
Here are my sermon notes from Easter.  I think I have only two more old notes after this.

I am sending you!
Happy Easter
Passover meal-big deal
This is my body - dang it Cory  Freshman year, Easter sunrise rehearsal.  Each time the senior playing Jesus said "This is my body.  Eat me.  This is my blood.  Drink me."  We would crack up.  It's been 21 years, and I still remember it each communion.
Blasphemy suffered a very painful death. 
Does it look like hate won ?  Why i didn't like The Rockettes greatest story ever told because it left Jesus on the cross. If you do that it's a story. If he did rise again then you have to admit he is God. Read that again.  Jesus has to be resurrected for him to be God and not a fairy tale.
Matthew 28:5
John 20
Women who couldn't testify in court saw him first. I love this. Why do that except its the truth and for us today to see that He valued women  I've always thought it's a message for us today that Jesus values women's contributions as well as men's.
Joy comes in the morning (Anne of the Island)  Anne remembers this verse when she hears that Gilbert's not dying.  Which every girl fell in love at that point.
We all want the happy ending
Dancing - David is it in Samuel where he dances when the child dies?
Peace in the midst of conflict or freedom from conflict - something I need to reflect in
Nick someone he has no limbs. A friend shared a video of him not to long ago. 
On the cross Jesus looked down on all of us and said Forgive them. 
Our job is to share His story 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The below is what I was going to comment on today.  But I just can't concentrate on it.  So let me tell you how the past 24 hours have gone.
My job ends in 56 days.  Keep in mind that there are two holiday weeks in there, where it's doubtful anyone will be interviewing.  As well, on 1/2 year end starts for accounting people and they are too busy to hire anyone.
I heard back from my interview last week.  I didn't get the job.  The hiring manager called to say that I had the ideal, and emphasized ideal, background but they were going with someone else.  I asked how I could improve, and the response was that I haven't worked for large enough companies.  The place I am currently working has over 12,000 employees and only the air force base employees more people in the metro area.  The other company I worked for has 5,000+ in four countries.  Obviously, the response was a lie.
When I have phone interviews, the people in my department are coming up to me and telling me how well I did and how good I sound.  Since they don't have to say it, I would think it's true.
My current boss is giving me a glowing recommendation and has apologized for not hiring me.  The organization doesn't want managers to think they can hire people if they prove there is a need, so the rule is that contract/temp employees aren't to be hired.  However, I know that they may say that, but if you want something enough there is always a way.  It doesn't matter what she says all future employers are going to doubt it because she didn't want me bad enough to find a way around the policy.
I just have to wonder what is so wrong with me in person that no one is willing to hire me.  And what's going to happen to me in 56 days because of it.

Matthew 19:6 
Genesis 49:26 last week (It would be better if I remembered when this was, but I'm getting better at posting them closer to the actual time.)
Luke 8:4-8 
The seeds grew with the thorns and were choked out. 
Those who hear the Word and  life drowns it out so there is no fruit. 
 Finances We need to make deliberate choices ahead of time Otherwise we make choices  based on what we have done. 
 600,000 in interest in our lives based on 24k student loans. 15k credit card  485/month on car loan. 25k saved towards retirement.  Pay cash 
Proverbs 25:28 self control=city walls Worry about offending people but rarely God 
Live on a budget 
Pay off debt Savings Giving 
2 Corinthians 9:6 small sower=small crop and vice versa 
Make all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can. Popular Methodist saying.  I believe it, I try, I hope I succeed in some way.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Hebrews 12:14-15


Someone caused pain, instead of dealing we allow bitterness to take root.

Keeps detailed lists of wrongs.

"I have every right to"

We write off people - where's the line between forgiveness and protecting ourselves.?

Don't see it in ourselves.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sermon Notes

Mostly  we live in a broken & fallen world
                Bad stuff happens - not always our specific fault But that's what I had to learn in business school is that it's always our fault - if we had anticipated better it could have been avoided.
                There is evil
                 Why not me?  True, but sometimes it seems like it is always me.
Sometimes God is testing or refining us   Yeah, I don't enjoy that.
                       God disciplines those that he loves
Always we have an option to grow (or not)
                What are we learning?
                Choose to grow up James 1:2-4
                Hold onto integrity Job 1:13-22,  Job 2:9

Ask God what am I learning about You? About myself? Am I more like Jesus 
is/through this? How do You want me to respond?
Matthew 5:14-16

Yes, this is the next one in the set.  It's Halloween so it goes with my black & orange Halloween shirt.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fish & Cross ring

This was a draft but I have nothing in the entry so I don't know what I originally was thinking.  So  we will go with yesterday and today's jewelry.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

God has an app for that

Another cheap bracelet that I don't even remember getting.  It's permanently twisted, but it matches my shirt.

God has an app for that

Relationships & marriage
Evidently, single me, tuned out at this point because I only remember the sermon in the vaguest terms.

Charmin app that tells where the cleanest restrooms are Couple I had both their kids in youth group.  Download this because there are very few restrooms ranked, and this could be very handy.

Everyone is a good or bad example

What good put together man can't tear apart - it's not God's will Outside perspective neutral Christian counselor define what it means to you Relationships require work Walk to Emmaus God in center Unified effort Ecc 4:1-2 Peter walking on water  Kara's sermon Time to start a new chapter experience matters but move on
Not a clue to what I was going for here.

1 Cor verse

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3 ways I intend to share my faith

I feel my skin looks wierd in these photos.  Anyway, a few years ago, I bought a bunch of anklets that I still wear if the match my outfit.  They were very cheap Walmart bracelets so they aren't very long anyhow.  These are purple shells, that eventually the color will wear off, and a loop over a button closure.
This was a challenge in the sermon several months ago, so I'm putting them here to help hold me accountable.
3 ways I intend to share my faith
1). Look for opportunities to share with "Name"  A good friend who is very much not a Christian, but I'm going to not name her here.
2). When I volunteer, give the credit to God  I usually just say "You're Welcome"  However, I should find a way to give credit to God without sounding holier than thou.
3)  I'm not sure here.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


If you know me you know I love Siberian Huskies, so this is my Italian Charm bracelet with the husky charms.  The first three I got at King's Island, and I ordered the other one when I was looking for some Alaska Charms.
Lies - So 10/20 Sermon, more recent with more current thoughts
2 Corinthians 10:3-4
We aren't to tell lies
We spend a lot of time arguing which lies are okay. I can't find a link but in this month's Fraud magazine there's an article that talks about being honest and ethical.  Say someone is going undercover are they lying and being ethical.  It was interesting to read coming so soon after this sermon.
If someone calls you a liar still a horrible name to call people  It really is something that is the way to get someone the most defensive.  Though I hear so many people exaggerate their story and that's still lying!!!
Others call us hypocrites as the reason to not believe and we allow it to continue. I've heard people say that before, and the only way to stop it is to not do it ourselves.  I think we need to hold others accountable as well, but I'm not sure how to do it in a non-jerky way.
Worse thing about being lied to is knowing you weren't worth the truth  I don't know if I ever thought of it that way, but yeah I can see it's the "Wow you really thought that little of me" reaction.
52% have Lies on our resumes. What does that mean about my situation. Going back to my blog the other day about my diploma.  This really bugs me because I know they assumed that I was part of this majority rather than checking with me to find the truth.
We don't think we are worthy enough to see if we can pass on our own.  When we cheat.  I think it's more the I want to win, and I will make sure that I do through any possible means which brings us to the next comment:
Reap the benefits without the sacrifice  Isn't that what we glorify in practice even if we say we believe this?
Ephesians 4:22-23
Colossians 3
Psalm 19:14 Rodney  "Let the meditations of my heart and of my lips be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord our rock and Redeemer."  The minister when I was little always ended his sermons with this, so I like it when I hear it.  Yeah, the current minister grew up in a different church but with the same minister so I bet the same thing is true.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I want to start something a little new for this blog.  I went to a jewelry party the other night.  I have a lot of jewelry (okay cheap costume jewelry, but still) so I thought I'd start posting more of a what am I wearing things and telling a little about each item.
This is a stretch bracelet my aunt gave me a few years ago.  I think there were several more but the stretch elastic was so thin that they are gone now.  I'm wearing grey slacks and a white polo that has blue and black stitching on it, so this will hopefully tie them together.

Ourselves and others Need to forgive others so bitterness doesn't happen, and ourselves because it's human to make mistakes.
How's that working for you?  That's true of a lot of things, but until God is really clear there's nothing but to keep trying the best we can.
It's not that it isn't a big deal or wrong We justify sin a lot of ways but things are still wrong, and we have to look at our lives honestly.
Crucifixion not pretty. Not high off the ground and a T not a t.  I've always had a vision of Jesus being 10 or 20 foot in the air, but that's not true - it was way more personal and torturous.  
Romans 3:23-25
It's as much for us as for them it affects us more than them. Most people we don't forgive don't know it, and it doesn't bother them though it eats at us.
Forgiveness must flow though us. 
Do all you can to live in peace to those who have done evil to you. It is evil and you don't have to be bff. Just live in peace  I think it's how to live in peace when it is constantly in your face?
God will get revenge. It doesn't mean that God thinks then that it was no big deal.  However much it seems like that.
Embrace the forgiveness that God offers us.  Yeah, I have trouble with that.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


These are more current sermon notes.  I'm trying to clear my notepad off on my phone.
It's not really hurting anyone. Pretty sure I've used that as a rationalization before - haven't we all?
1 John - be in the light, yeah  Okay, I have a long story about this book and that "In the Light" by DC Talk is my favorite song.  However, this is one of those things where if I haven't told the real life people that it involves, then let's just say I'm not going to spill here.  Maybe one I'll have the courage.
It's hurting you  I know I seldom admit it, and I think very few people look at it that way, and that it in turn affects everyone else.  
Image until its someone you know  We have a stereotype of an addict until it's someone we know.  I know someone who got hooked on a drug prescribed to him, and understanding a little bit of that made it so much easier to understand the slippery slope than just writing off "those people."
The addict has to be convinced and be willing to change.   Doesn't any change have to come from inside:
Some verses to consider
Romans 6:12-14 
Acts 3:19-20
Pulls us back from God
Romans 7:14-15
James 5:16
Accountability groups  IDK, I really think that people still are putting up a front there, and passing off responsibility on the group.
We hold back too whatever pieces. 
2 Corinthians 10:3-4
Read the Bible  When is that not the right answer?
Pray for your and others addictions  Probably again where we need to start & then to know when to take action, not just say "I'm praying about it."

Monday, October 14, 2013

Laura Ingalls Wilder play

I remember the farm maybe the one thing my parents not taught me was how to see through my mother's eyes 
manly had a cane during OTWH
Where's my eye candy?
Pa gave lap desk to write about her life
Rocks in their path until they moved to Rocky Ridge
Songs from Pa's fiddle project 

These were my notes during a play about Laura Ingalls Wilder that I saw last summer, and just found again.  I realized I had never written them up.
I thought it was a community play, and it was.  It was a community children's play.  My aunt and I were the only non-relatives there.  It's a little embarrassing, but really I've attended 2 conferences about her - everyone knows I'm a fangirl, I was just hoping I came across as more official than that.
Cap Garland was left out of the Long Winter trip, instead Almanzo and Charles made the trip.  I missed seeing a cute blonde boy.  The play, also, had Pa rather than Almanzo give Laura the lap desk.  I think they fell to the same thing that bothers me about the TV show.  They build Pa up so much, and often at Almanzo's expense.  It was given when they left for Missouri.  It was a 15-16 year old boy that played Almanzo, and he had a cane.  It made me realize how long he was crippled and how it occurred during his prime, which must have been difficult.
During intermission, songs were sang that I recognized having seen Pa's Fiddle Project!
I, also, liked how they portrayed Laura and Rose as different and having their difficulties, but still loving each other.  There was something more specific, but unfortunately I don't remember over a year later.

So there's my quick review of the play!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shoes with holes

Shoes with holes
 Have holes but refuse to get rid of them 
For some reason I try to think I can save them if I don't wear them, which is rather stupid. I might as well get the enjoyment out of them while I can and then let them die
Yard work or no choice? Most things for me are the yard work variety.  I need to be more thankful about that.
Luke 5:27-28 Levi left the tax collector booth to follow Jesus. Fee to Romans to have booth. Beyond it was theirs usually corrupt and then Levi/Matthew was a traitor as a Jew to work with the Romans. He hosted the banquet with Jesus that so annoyed the Pharisees
It must have been so easy to cheat.  I wonder why the Romans made it so easy?
People filled with holes only Jesus can fill
Choked on a piece of cheese so I'm fighting the urge to cough Don't you love when you are trying to be quiet and it doesn't work?
Women with hair and perfume. Parable of forgiving debts. We become like the Pharisees Samaritan John 4:10 Women at the well Our holes aren't as bad as someone else's

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Super Hero - Peter

Acts 2:29-42
Superheroes - Peter 
Miracles will happen
120 about our size were gathered and nervous. 
Why are we here today?
"Jesus you can't leave us" Peter
Jesus- You don't see God's plan
He's the one who just identified Jesus as the Messiah. Rock and then doubt
 My decision or God's decision
Provenient Grace. There before we knew we wanted/needed it. Emmaus 
Holy Spirit is within us doesn't mean we are choosing to live it. 
People to notice or because we want God to have the glory. 
Galatians 5:25. We have to make the conscious choice
Failing is not fatal. Except for me it is never possible to get back on track. 
Kids always invite people and talk about their faith. 

Another Sermon notes post.  This was from one of my favorite youth, who gave a sermon.  Now I think he went a little hard on Peter, but I think I've said that before.  Peter goes a step further than the other disciples and gets criticized for not going five steps.
I could tell my youth was so nervous, but according to my parents better than the last guest sermon.  I think he had someone help him, which was good because I've seen other people who think it's their one chance and decide to make 20 major points.  Yeah, bad idea.
He said that failure is not fatal.  I have a very hard time believing that because for me they just tend to go like dominoes and how many can you knock down before you can't get up?

Monday, September 30, 2013


Sermon Response
This is an interesting week for this.  I'll probably put a post up about that tomorrow as it's something I have been spending a lot of time correcting.
How do you define worry?  It's not productive.  Going over and over something.  Not give it to God.  I feel like there should be something more here.
Over think - ha!  Yes, I know I am the queen of this.
To strangle or choke High old German   Before that, divide
What if?  What could happen?  Is this talking about obsessing over something?  Let's go back to I'm the queen.
Christianese  Concerns, things I'm praying about. Well we know we aren't supposed to worry, but since we still are we need to make it sound better.
 Romans 14:23
Sin of distrusting the power of God. This is probably a good definition of what sin boils down to more often than not.
2 Timothy 1:7
Matthew 6:25-27 starting Senior year & Lauren. I went through a very stressful time senior year, perhaps I should do a blog about just those few weeks some time.  Anyway, I ended up stressed out and crying at a lock-in.  It was a little over dramatic, but I was fully within typical 17 year old girl behavior.  My friend Lauren (real name, if she stumbles on it she deserves the credit) reminded me of this verse which really helped me at the time & I've reminded myself of in similar repeats of that time.
I will do what God asks me to do  Isn't that easy to say/hard to do?  Or the way to put yourself on the next plane to Iraq as a missionary?
We usually Trust God for a minute and hold onto our worries.  Well, it is a way to tell God that this really, really concerns me.
James 1:22
Philippians 4:6-7 p words  I memorized this in college, if you do so.  I suggest memorizing the Revised Standard Version because anytime you get stuck, you can remember that it's a "P" word.
I'll hand it over and then take it back.  See above about trusting God for a minute.
This past week is a lesson in it.   Again see the top about the forthcoming blog post.
Matthew 6:33-34
Jeremiah 29:11
Proverbs 3:5-6
Your own understanding - the never ending saga. There's a reason I classify something as "The Never Ending Saga that is My Life."  I am constantly going over my understanding to see if I can find the magic flip of pieces that will make all the pieces fit together in a way of my choosing.  Yes, I know I shouldn't do it.  However after 20 years, and several pieces fitting together I can't not work on it.  Besides after I do figure it out, I'm going to bring peace to the Middle East (a simpler problem) and don't we all want that?
God is a God of miracles but we are telling him this is too big for Him. I don't know sometimes I think my stuff is too small for him to care about, even though yes, he does know the number of hairs on my head, so I need to figure them out on my own.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

College Confidential

In our area, my college is J Crew U, the one for preppy rich kids.  People forget that we are the smart kids, as well.  Yes, it's a state school, but because of enrollment caps it is the most selective in the state and has one of the best business schools in the country.  But people dismiss it because we are preppy and familiarity breeds content.
Not going to lie though.  I see kids announce how they got into this college or that college.  I go to the Princeton Review site and look up average scores on the ACT and SAT.  Rarely are they equal to my schools average (1080 - 1290), national average is 1010 for comparison.  Many of the colleges are in the 875 to 1050 range.  I want to point out that maybe they wouldn't have cut it with us anyhow.
BTW, here's a trailer they recently did for clearly the most beautiful campus there ever there was.

If the embed doesn't work.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013


The weekend recap - Friday night was dinner with a friend.  It was fun.  We went to the mall across from the restaurant to a couple stores.  Sshh!  She wasn't coming with us shopping on Sunday "because she spent to much on her kids back to school clothes" or rather the stores didn't sound interesting to her where we were going.
Saturday - The horsepark was fun.  A little more $$ than I expected, but my father actually acted happy with a gift at the end - a rarity for him.  Also, the dinner was very enjoyable.
Sunday - One friend cancelled at the last minute because she was "sick"  Her email this morning seems to indicate that "sick"="hung over"  One friend that was there - her life is just always stressful to hear about though I'm assuming more stress for her to live.  I have no idea how to help her since this is the result of things done 12-15 years ago that can't be changed.
The 24 Day Start Project - I'm on Day 15.  My progress on the first half of my goal is good.  However, the second isn't.  I just have to make some time on the weekend to do the pre-assessment because weeknights seem to be too busy.

Friday, August 23, 2013


It's Friday, and I actually have a fun weekend lined up!
Tonight, I am meeting a friend for dinner.  Actually, she was my roommate for a year and a half in college.
Yesterday was my Dad's birthday.  I bought tickets for a behind the scenes tour tomorrow at the Kentucky Horsepark as his gift.  Afterwards, we are meeting some former neighbors for dinner.  Keep the man in your thoughts as he was recently diagnosed with the early stages of prostate cancer.  The day should be fun.
Sunday I have a meeting at church, and  then shopping with friends & dinner.  It will be good to see them, but the local outlet mall doesn't excite me.  I have no interest in a Coach purse when I can get a purse for 10% of that at Kohls.  There's a few stores I like, but I'd just as soon go to a mall with more stores I actually shop.  Then we are going to dinner and they want to go somewhere close, but they decided on a restaurant that has two locations closer (literally will drive by one to get to the other) because it's close.  It's a Mexican restaurant that I like but they act like it's the ultimate.  No, it's another cheap Mexican place where you are served by people of questionable legal status.  And you can't actually tell the quality is better except one is sure that it is true because you can't understand the waiters & waitresses.  I sound like I'm complaining, which I guess I am.  But really, there are better, closer restaurants - why drive that far except they are so into the familiar that literally it's been 10+ years since one has been to the exit immediately north of the one she lives at, except she won't go that way because it's more familiar to get off at the next one south and drive 40 miles an hour through 15 traffic lights than to look at a new option.
Do you have any weekend plans?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to keep a Siberian from escaping.

This is inspired by this post.
I thought I would give the instructions on how to keep a Siberian Husky confined.
1.  Install 5 foot chain link fence
2.  Dogs dig out.
3.  Put patio stones around the base of the fence where dogs are likely to dig out.  Continue adding stones until the bottom of the entire fence is concrete blocks.
4.  Dogs dig out
5.  Every 3 inches put 18 inch re-bar to anchor chain link to the ground.
6.  Install silent fence under the chain link fence.
7.  Watch dog, who believes she is a princess, lay on the boundary for the beeping to start to kill the battery in her collar.  Then watch her dig up the fence and chew it in two because Princesses don't like to be told where they can and cannot go.
8.  Give up.  Decide to lock the Siberians in the concrete bottom kennel** when leaving the house.
**People think we are locking them in a crate when I say this.  Not at all it's 15 feet x 20 feet 8 foot high with two dog houses a concrete & grassy area partially shaded by a tree.  They spend 90% of their time there when the gate is open.  This isn't an imposition on them.

Friday, August 16, 2013


I recorded a video last night about a visitor we had the other week.  Yes, it really did freak me out.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day #3

Find a role model.  I'm not sure that's easy to do as there are so many.  I think I'm going to put on Linked in and the Start Group that I'm looking for places to network.  Any other ideas?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Start Day #2

Day #2 - Choose a journal and Instagram it.  This will be my everyday journal and the instagramming will be tonight.
Day #1 - Be Audacious.  I gave an answer, but with my history usually if I commit to wanting something it's a pretty sure sign that it's not going to happen.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

How NOT to ask for money

I received this series of Facebook messages from a guy I went to college with a few months ago.  I’m changing identifying details as I think this person has a good heart, but – the execution is horribly, laughably bad.  Keep in mind aside from accepting my friend request a few years ago, we have had no communication in 15 years.  Also, it wasn’t that we were such good friends, but we were involved in the same ministry.  I added a bunch of people because I was trying to find out what one guy who had been cute was doing and, yes I’m paranoid, so I wanted him to see it wasn’t just him I was adding but a bunch of people because I was a nice person, not curious about him in a weird way.  Yes, I know some would call that nuts.

4:23pm  Jackson:
Hey there L-! I emailed you at your address, but I'm honestly not even sure how those work, which means I don't know if you received the email. So I'm actually just going to copy and paste what I wrote then for this msg.
Hopefully, my comments will be in red when I paste this into blogger.  Um, okay did we just start in the middle of a conversation?
4:25pm  Jackson
Ooops. Didn't want to send that. Anyway, here you go. So long time, no talk, huh? Looks like you're in the next state area---how's that going? My wife Enid and I actually now live in state college town, working with grad students at the University with the ministry. We have a girl named Jenny who turned 3 last month, and a girl named Ann who was just born last month 4 days after Jenny's birthday! We would love to hear about your life and get caught up, but it would also be great to talk to you about this new work God has called us to (we just moved here in six months ago), and give you the opportunity to partner with us in it financially and prayerfully. God is moving here, and we would love to have you in it with us. If you could get back to us whenever you get a chance to either talk, or set up a time to talk, so that we could catch up and give you the details, that would be great. Thanks so much, and we look forward to hearing from you! 555-123-4567 [Home] 555-234-5678 [Jackson's cell] 555-345-6789 [Enid's cell]

So um hi, would you like to give us money on an ongoing basis?  Here’s every way possible to contact us because you’ll want to send that check immediately.
A couple days later, 3:29pm  Jackson
Hey L-, just wanted to touch base again. Btw, your cover and profile pictures are great. Anyway, get back to us whenever you get a chance if you could. Like I said, it would be great to catch up, and let you know about our ministry! Thanks! (Oh, and if you want first, we could send you more info through email if you prefer before we talk on the phone---up to you.) 555-123-4567 [Home] 555-234-5678 [Jackson's cell] 555-345-6789 [Enid's cell]

Wait, did you realize you should pretend to be interested in me?  For future reference, comment on photos and statuses for a few weeks then send catch up message, then send the request for money

3:55pm  Me
Evidently my phone isn't sending messages well. I've been good. What have I been doing? So many things. The church I grew up in started an extension campus, and we chartered as our own church earlier this year. I just became the treasurer! I volunteered with the youth at both churches from the time I graduated college until just recently. (looong story). I worked at an insurance company for over 10 years, but was downsized a few years ago. Since then I've had a contract position auditing for a group of hospitals. However, I just found out that the position will end this year. I'll take any prayers I can get about it! I will definitely pray for your family. However at this point, I don't feel comfortable making any new financial commitments that I don't know if I'll be able to honor in January.

Polite, right?  I’ll pretend he is interested in my life.  I did grow from the ministry so if come January I have a job and we have more interaction, I might be interested, but that is an IF since this is pretty weird.
4:41pm  Jackson
Hey L-, thanks so much for getting back to me! (Don't worry---we actually still have dumbphones.) Great to hear about stuff going on with your church. Being the treasurer is obviously SUCH an important job for a local body of believers. Regarding your employment situation, we'll definitely be praying! So many things in such a state of flux in the country right now. We really appreciate your prayers too. I do think it's a wise move to not take on any new financial commitments at this point. 3 other questions for you: 1st, would you like to receive our prayer letter over email? We'd love for you to be kept updated in that way and so you can know some specific ways in which to pray for us. If so, be sure to shoot me your email address. 2nd, would it be ok to follow up with you in Jan. or Feb. to find out if you've been able to secure a job and possibly consider partnering with us at that point? 3rd, would your church possibly be interested in hearing from us about this particular work? Thanks so much!

Okay, new church with no connection and a new position, yeah, that’s going to come off well, and seriously I turned you down so you are trying this way.  Really?!?
12:17pm  Jackson
Hey L-, just following up, even though I'm not sure with your phone issues how often you're able to get to facebook otherwise. Just wondered if we could put you on our email prayer letter list, and if your church may be interested in hearing from us. Let me know if you could whenever you get a chance. Thanks so much, and thanks again for messaging me last week!
Um, the lack of a response was a response, but the following is me trying to be polite.
2:31pm  Me
Jackson. I manage to get on. The church is really focusing on our immediate area for missions. You should create a Facebook page so people can "like" it to get more info.
I know someone who also is involved in the ministry and they have a page like this.  Also, they know someone who I see still talks with “Jackson”, but I’m not going to give a name and sic him on them.  I know this is less polite, but obviously I’m saying no.
3:15pm  Jackson
Hey -, thanks for getting back to me. Good idea with the facebook pg.---neither one of us is very good with tech (Enid is better than I am). But if we can make the time and figure it out somewhat quickly, that would be good! You mean a personal page, right? Or just one about location here? There actually is 1 of those (you could just type that in the search bar if you want to check it out). We have a personal website, but even that needs a lot of work. What are you thinking about getting our prayer letter over email? If you would like that, shoot me your address. We'd love to send it to you! Thanks!

Yeah, I didn’t respond because if you are so bad at tech, I’m not going to be able to explain it, and I just don’t want to continue to say no without pointing out that this is the most out of the blue request.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's next

I had ideas for blogs after I got done with the A-Z blog hop.  Now I just have to find where I wrote them down.
You know those days where you know there isn't anything wrong with you, but you feel like crap.  Yeah, totally having one of those days.

Monday, August 5, 2013

31 ways you know you are from Cincinnati

Chances are you will probably be eating at B-Dub’s for dinner soon

Chances are you will probably be eating at B-Dub's for dinner soon

Chances are I've eaten there once.

You almost forgot that Jerry Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati

You almost forgot that Jerry Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati
You really try to forget it

You are less than a fan of the city of St. Louis

I have no problem with St. Louis, though I wouldn't say the same of the Cardinals.  They need to start losing!

The same goes for the city of Pittsburgh

The same goes for the city of Pittsburgh
I share an alma mater with Ben, so I can't really root against him.
You aren’t shy about bringing up the fact that “Rain Man” was filmed in Cincinnati
And that the one scene was filmed in Dixie Terminal and Pompilio's

You’ve had WAY too many arguments about whether this is called “soda” or “pop”

You've had WAY too many arguments about whether this is called "soda" or "pop"
Actually I've always called it a soft drink
After finding out a person’s name, the next thing you always ask them is always “So where’d you go to high school?”
After finding out a person's name, the next thing you always ask them is always "So where'd you go to high school?"
They always say that, and I never do that and rarely have the question asked of of me.

You’d rather take the long way around than drive through Over-the-Rhine

You'd rather take the long way around than drive through Over-the-Rhine


You’re already counting on the Bengals to underachieve and disappoint you once again

You're already counting on the Bengals to underachieve and disappoint you once again
They won't disappoint me because I have no interest in them.  Like I say, I root for the Miami guys because they move on and win more.

You know if you’re an “east-sider” or a “west-sider”

You know if you're an "east-sider" or a "west-sider"
I think if you live above 275 you don't really pay attention to it, though my Mom's family is from the west-side.

You find it hard to stay humble when talking about how Proctor & Gamble got their start in Cincinnati

You find it hard to stay humble when talking about how Proctor & Gamble got their start in Cincinnati
I don't know if I would say hard to stay humble, but it is pretty clear that so many brands are from Cincinnati.

You’ve already decided if you’re for red or for blue, and I’m not referring to politics

You've already decided if you're for red or for blue, and I'm not referring to politics
Source: Sam Greene  /  via:
Ugh, as a Protestant I should root for UC, but they have so thrown their weight against my school, and several of their big supporters fired me, so yeah I want them to lose.  OTOH, I think X has sold their soul and "doing it right" to be a consistant top 10 team so I wouldn't say I root for them either.

You no doubt have some German heritage in your family

You no doubt have some German heritage in your family
I'd tell you what my Grandmother's maiden name was and assure you of it if I didn't like to have some privacy.

You hung in there with Reds’ pitcher “Cool Hand Leake” even after he was booked for shoplifting

You hung in there with Reds' pitcher "Cool Hand Leake" even after he was booked for shoplifting
No strong feelings about him, but Mat Latos' wife Dallas really is interesting on Twitter.

You know that Graeter’s has the best chocolate chips in the world

You know that Graeter's has the best chocolate chips in the world
Without a doubt

Anddddd Servati’s has the best soft pretzels in the world

Anddddd Servati's has the best soft pretzels in the world
I've never tried them, perhaps I should.

You respond “please?” when you really mean “what did you say?”

31 Ways To Tell You're From Cincinnati
I guess so

You don’t mind standing up for whichever chili you want to put on your 3-way

You don't mind standing up for whichever chili you want to put on your 3-way
31 Ways To Tell You're From Cincinnati
Here's the thing I don't actually like Cincinnati chili or any chili, but my Mom and Aunt will hurt me if I don't say Skyline is the besgt.

You won’t shut up about how George Clooney was born in Cincinnati

You won't shut up about how George Clooney was born in Cincinnati
The odd thing is that I remember watching Nick Clooney on the news and Bob Braun's talk show.  So now that I see Rob Braun on the news each night, it's hard to remember that George is more famous and richer than Rob because it seems so similar.

You’re not sure why the airport is in Northern Kentucky

You're not sure why the airport is in Northern Kentucky
I don't know if I've ever thought or cared about it.

You’re shocked when people haven’t experienced the greatness that is Larosa’s pizza

You're shocked when people haven't experienced the greatness that is Larosa's pizza
This has to stay in bigger letters.  I know some people think the sauce is too sweet.  Those people would be wrong.  A thin crust pepperoni double topper is a special kind of wonderful.

You wouldn’t swim in the Ohio River for any amount of money in the world

You wouldn't swim in the Ohio River for any amount of money in the world
Well, maybe not any amount of money, but it would take an awful lot and I don't really swim.

You know you haven’t done ribs until you’ve had Montgomery Inn ribs

You know you haven't done ribs until you've had Montgomery Inn ribs
Very good.  Every US President stops to get them, do you really think you're better than them?

You’re convinced the Reds are going to win the World Series at the start of every spring

You're convinced the Reds are going to win the World Series at the start of every spring
Maybe not win the World Series, but there is a specialness to Opening Day that everyone should experience downtown at least once.

You try to pretend that Grippo’s are actually the best brand of chips

You try to pretend that Grippo's are actually the best brand of chips
Not really, Lay's is the best because they are the saltiest.

You’re not too sure about those folks living across the river in the Bluegrass state

You're not too sure about those folks living across the river in the Bluegrass state
If you aren't not sure, I have some relatives that will convince you that the state is just wierd.

You’re pretty creeped out by that old subway

You're pretty creeped out by that old subway
Don't really think about it.

You’re planning on going downtown “Zinzinnati” for the Oktoberfest next fall

I don't drink beer, so no, but if you get a chance to go to Riverfest, you should take it.

And you never have any clue which bridge to take to get back and forth across the river

And you never have any clue which bridge to take to get back and forth across the river
 Actually, I'm pretty good with directions so yes I do.