Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to keep a Siberian from escaping.

This is inspired by this post.
I thought I would give the instructions on how to keep a Siberian Husky confined.
1.  Install 5 foot chain link fence
2.  Dogs dig out.
3.  Put patio stones around the base of the fence where dogs are likely to dig out.  Continue adding stones until the bottom of the entire fence is concrete blocks.
4.  Dogs dig out
5.  Every 3 inches put 18 inch re-bar to anchor chain link to the ground.
6.  Install silent fence under the chain link fence.
7.  Watch dog, who believes she is a princess, lay on the boundary for the beeping to start to kill the battery in her collar.  Then watch her dig up the fence and chew it in two because Princesses don't like to be told where they can and cannot go.
8.  Give up.  Decide to lock the Siberians in the concrete bottom kennel** when leaving the house.
**People think we are locking them in a crate when I say this.  Not at all it's 15 feet x 20 feet 8 foot high with two dog houses a concrete & grassy area partially shaded by a tree.  They spend 90% of their time there when the gate is open.  This isn't an imposition on them.


  1. Hahahaha!!! It makes me laugh hysterically, but also cry uncontrollably. I just pray coyotes aren't as smart as your dogs!

    1. Huskies are known for being very independent, aka incredibly strong-willed, I'm sure a coyote would go after an easier target.