Thursday, October 24, 2013

God has an app for that

Another cheap bracelet that I don't even remember getting.  It's permanently twisted, but it matches my shirt.

God has an app for that

Relationships & marriage
Evidently, single me, tuned out at this point because I only remember the sermon in the vaguest terms.

Charmin app that tells where the cleanest restrooms are Couple I had both their kids in youth group.  Download this because there are very few restrooms ranked, and this could be very handy.

Everyone is a good or bad example

What good put together man can't tear apart - it's not God's will Outside perspective neutral Christian counselor define what it means to you Relationships require work Walk to Emmaus God in center Unified effort Ecc 4:1-2 Peter walking on water  Kara's sermon Time to start a new chapter experience matters but move on
Not a clue to what I was going for here.

1 Cor verse

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