Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

Sunday, November 24, 2013


The top is the ring I wore today.  I don't remember if I got it at Kohls or Wal-mart.  I've had it for a long time.  I wear a lot of pink and purple so I wear it often enough.
Yesterday, I didn't leave the house so the only jewelry I wore were these old plastic earrings.  The summer after I had my ears pierced.  Hills was selling all sorts of fun plastic earrings 6 for $0.99.  Yes, I bought a card like each week.  Some I still have, some fell to pieces.
Today was music Sunday, so I have no sermon notes.  However, we do have an awesome worship band!

Friday, November 22, 2013


I know unoriginal Friday name.  I have a pink sweater on.  I believe I got this bracelet at Kohls.  The other disks say Love and Laugh.
What are your weekend plans?  I'm going to dinner tonight downtown.  It looks like they have odd food combinations, and I'll probably end up with the ribeye.

Tomorrow I am setting up 2 Christmas trees and my village.  Also, my parents' dog has his 9th birthday!  And I bought him a new stuffed pumpkin since the past couple years I have and it has been well loved.
Sunday is our turn to do coffee at church.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two pictures today!

There's actually two pictures to share today.

The first is a Christmas tree ornament I won in the department holiday craft sale yesterday.  Turns out the woman who sits across the aisle made it for me.  Last night, I hung it on the four foot tree in the TV room.  Several years ago, another co-worker made me a set of plastic canvas ornaments, like this.  We ended up with a white & gold tree.  But I think I'm going to add this to it since it's another crafty ornament made by a co-worker.  All the light blue is cross-stitched and only about 2x3 when done, so the squares are insanely tiny.

And this is today's bracelet.  It's, also, another Walmart anklet.  I wanted you to see that it does match the sweater well.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So I made this, but measured the band wrong so you can see the large gap. I think it's very pretty, but I need to restring it so that it stays on my wrist.
I was turned down for two jobs that I applied and one I interviewed for today.  So yeah, but I did schedule a phone interview for tomorrow.
Tonight MU loses it's last football game for the year.  How do I know that?  There are no more games.  And yes, if we hire Kerry Combs I'm going to feel dirty.  Even more so than Tressel.

Monday, November 18, 2013


I finally got my bathroom floor scrubbed and two Christmas trees up yesterday.  I'll take photos when we are done.  I walked over 10,000 steps yesterday, which is like double my usual average.  So yeah, I fell into bed at 12:30 last night.  I got up with the alarm clock this morning.  I'm having dinner out with friends on Friday, so I need to leave work early, so I want to put some extra time in this week so that it still comes out to 40 hours.  I'll let you know about the restaurant.  It sounds expensive, but weird food.

Here's today's bracelet.  Yes, it has my name on it.  I got it on vacation at some point, but I don't remember where, or maybe my parents brought it back for me.  I like that it goes with a variety of things.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Day; Another Interview

Another Day; Another Interview
Honestly, this job sounds interesting & that it could use some of the analysis that I do well.  I just feel like lately I keep getting interviews and never actually get a job, but again no one can define an area that I'm weak, so it's wearing on me and getting frustrating.  However, I do have several bracelets I need to photograph an show you.

Monday, November 11, 2013

What If

Last week's sermon notes.  Can you believe it?  I'll now be blogging about more and different stuff with only one day of notes to comment on.
What if - sermon series  The start of a new series.  Yes, I missed week 2 because I didn't want to cough through it.  So anyhow.

Serve  What if we served?  Sometimes I wonder how much I'm expected to do, and if it's ever okay for me to veg out....

we took the great commission personally?  I think that's something that being in Crusade taught me.  It's finding the balance between building a relationship and saying something and not being annoying.

John 13

Stop trying to elevate ourselves  That's a hard one for me at the moment because searching for a job is all about selling yourself and the great things that you have done.  Especially since I've done more than my positions would suggest.  I mean if I wasn't doing the manager's job than they wouldn't have had time for E-bay and gossip, so yes I do take credit for the things that I actually did.

We became a servant  That would kind of flow from stop trying to elevate ourselves, wouldn't it?

Why didn't anyone start washing each others feet when they entered the upper room  I never thought about this.  I mean clearly Jesus was the Messiah, and this task belonged to the lowest.  But none of them were willing to humble themselves or thought that someone else would do it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Putting it into action.

So sleepy so yeah  - We did coffee this morning.  It's 10/27.  We have to be there by 8, so staying awake was a challenge.  (Nothing to do with the sermon!)

We find excuses not to change.  True,  I always have to get this or that done first.  That's the thing about letting the dead bury the dead, right?

What do you hope to be different about your life.  That's a long list.

Luke 14

Always an excuse.

Good intentions va God intentions.

What does God want changed in my life?

Why does God want it changed. 

Romans 8. Exodus 4:10

We have to take the first step

2 Corinthians 12:-1

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Easter sermon Notes

First, yes, I am feeling better since yesterday.  Can we blame coming down with a cold at the wrong time of the month for being more emotional than I probably should have been?
Also, there is no jewelry today because I was more concerned about just getting out of the house and not dying than anything else today.
Here are my sermon notes from Easter.  I think I have only two more old notes after this.

I am sending you!
Happy Easter
Passover meal-big deal
This is my body - dang it Cory  Freshman year, Easter sunrise rehearsal.  Each time the senior playing Jesus said "This is my body.  Eat me.  This is my blood.  Drink me."  We would crack up.  It's been 21 years, and I still remember it each communion.
Blasphemy suffered a very painful death. 
Does it look like hate won ?  Why i didn't like The Rockettes greatest story ever told because it left Jesus on the cross. If you do that it's a story. If he did rise again then you have to admit he is God. Read that again.  Jesus has to be resurrected for him to be God and not a fairy tale.
Matthew 28:5
John 20
Women who couldn't testify in court saw him first. I love this. Why do that except its the truth and for us today to see that He valued women  I've always thought it's a message for us today that Jesus values women's contributions as well as men's.
Joy comes in the morning (Anne of the Island)  Anne remembers this verse when she hears that Gilbert's not dying.  Which every girl fell in love at that point.
We all want the happy ending
Dancing - David is it in Samuel where he dances when the child dies?
Peace in the midst of conflict or freedom from conflict - something I need to reflect in
Nick someone he has no limbs. A friend shared a video of him not to long ago. 
On the cross Jesus looked down on all of us and said Forgive them. 
Our job is to share His story 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The below is what I was going to comment on today.  But I just can't concentrate on it.  So let me tell you how the past 24 hours have gone.
My job ends in 56 days.  Keep in mind that there are two holiday weeks in there, where it's doubtful anyone will be interviewing.  As well, on 1/2 year end starts for accounting people and they are too busy to hire anyone.
I heard back from my interview last week.  I didn't get the job.  The hiring manager called to say that I had the ideal, and emphasized ideal, background but they were going with someone else.  I asked how I could improve, and the response was that I haven't worked for large enough companies.  The place I am currently working has over 12,000 employees and only the air force base employees more people in the metro area.  The other company I worked for has 5,000+ in four countries.  Obviously, the response was a lie.
When I have phone interviews, the people in my department are coming up to me and telling me how well I did and how good I sound.  Since they don't have to say it, I would think it's true.
My current boss is giving me a glowing recommendation and has apologized for not hiring me.  The organization doesn't want managers to think they can hire people if they prove there is a need, so the rule is that contract/temp employees aren't to be hired.  However, I know that they may say that, but if you want something enough there is always a way.  It doesn't matter what she says all future employers are going to doubt it because she didn't want me bad enough to find a way around the policy.
I just have to wonder what is so wrong with me in person that no one is willing to hire me.  And what's going to happen to me in 56 days because of it.

Matthew 19:6 
Genesis 49:26 last week (It would be better if I remembered when this was, but I'm getting better at posting them closer to the actual time.)
Luke 8:4-8 
The seeds grew with the thorns and were choked out. 
Those who hear the Word and  life drowns it out so there is no fruit. 
 Finances We need to make deliberate choices ahead of time Otherwise we make choices  based on what we have done. 
 600,000 in interest in our lives based on 24k student loans. 15k credit card  485/month on car loan. 25k saved towards retirement.  Pay cash 
Proverbs 25:28 self control=city walls Worry about offending people but rarely God 
Live on a budget 
Pay off debt Savings Giving 
2 Corinthians 9:6 small sower=small crop and vice versa 
Make all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can. Popular Methodist saying.  I believe it, I try, I hope I succeed in some way.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Hebrews 12:14-15


Someone caused pain, instead of dealing we allow bitterness to take root.

Keeps detailed lists of wrongs.

"I have every right to"

We write off people - where's the line between forgiveness and protecting ourselves.?

Don't see it in ourselves.