Wednesday, September 25, 2013

College Confidential

In our area, my college is J Crew U, the one for preppy rich kids.  People forget that we are the smart kids, as well.  Yes, it's a state school, but because of enrollment caps it is the most selective in the state and has one of the best business schools in the country.  But people dismiss it because we are preppy and familiarity breeds content.
Not going to lie though.  I see kids announce how they got into this college or that college.  I go to the Princeton Review site and look up average scores on the ACT and SAT.  Rarely are they equal to my schools average (1080 - 1290), national average is 1010 for comparison.  Many of the colleges are in the 875 to 1050 range.  I want to point out that maybe they wouldn't have cut it with us anyhow.
BTW, here's a trailer they recently did for clearly the most beautiful campus there ever there was.

If the embed doesn't work.


  1. Hey, that's my school!! While I read, I was thinking, "That's sounds a lot like Miami." And look! It is Miam! Of course, I went there before they became the Miami Redhawks... :)
    It is a great school on a most beautiful piece of Earth.

    1. I started as a Redskin and ended as a RedHawk. Did the J Crew U give it away? ;)
      And because I'm trying to get this to catch on (because as a football season ticket holder I like to see them win.) #FireTreadwell.