Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two pictures today!

There's actually two pictures to share today.

The first is a Christmas tree ornament I won in the department holiday craft sale yesterday.  Turns out the woman who sits across the aisle made it for me.  Last night, I hung it on the four foot tree in the TV room.  Several years ago, another co-worker made me a set of plastic canvas ornaments, like this.  We ended up with a white & gold tree.  But I think I'm going to add this to it since it's another crafty ornament made by a co-worker.  All the light blue is cross-stitched and only about 2x3 when done, so the squares are insanely tiny.

And this is today's bracelet.  It's, also, another Walmart anklet.  I wanted you to see that it does match the sweater well.

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