Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Circle

I had finished this and then it didn't save and so much of what I did was erased - grrr.

I know most of you have heard that I started a new job last month. Finally! I can appreciate the money. I really want to get my car paid off. I hadn't had a car payment since October 2000, and I wasn't really looking to add one. I had wanted to pay my first car off in one year. My second car was cheaper, but life hasn't allowed me to do the same. I fight the feeling that I'm going backwards. However, there were other things I wanted this blog to be about.
I have a temporary placement. It's through December/the end of the year. I'm still looking for a job because I feel like I'm going to be in a worse place come December. That's not exactly true because my placement ended is a better explanation than "I was fired" or however I chose to phrase it on a given day. The job is in a different city. Or rather my suburb is about half the distance between where I associate myself and this slightly smaller but good sized city. It feels a little like a foreign land because the neighborhoods and shops that you talk with you co-workers - I don't get the connotation or they what I say. But I want to learn more. It's just as easy to go there for activities or flights.
The company is in the medical field, which is good to expose me to a new industry. It's a non-profit and has a lot of shift workers. I always thought I'd like to work for a non-profit because I like the idea of doing good wihout looking at what the stockholders want. Now I'm finding this place doesn't seem to aspire to be the best. For example, they pat you on the back if you get a designation. I congratulations at a meeting is great, but a check would be greater encouragement. Therefore, I find that the chances of this job going permanent slim and that's okay with me.
I compare it every day to my previous job. I know I shouldn't, but it's my only comparison. I do compare some of the things I'm auditing to Walgreens, but really that's task oriented. This organization touches so many different things that it can be nuts to think about. I have a feeling that it's going to end just when I'm getting a handle on the acronyms.
But back to my original point, they do almost require managers to recognize someone in front of the department when theg accomplish an education goal. I can appreciate that so much. When I received my accounting degree, my manager forgot about it though he did remember that his favorite did complete her first semester of college. Some others found out and were upset on my behalf, but there was little we could do about it. The head of the department has never seen how manipulative the manager is. I like being required to acknowledge people's accomplishments as it makes them accountable.
My new boss has complimented me on my thoroughness, my ability to understand auditing as well as some quirky auditing things. She has sent me to represent the department at some meetings. The one project head has called me a rock star and passed on the compliment to my boss. I find it so interesting because those very things were why the last manager (after the guy in the last paragraph) wrote me up as reasons to fire me. I know it can only go back to a personality conflict or rather I am a woman who doesn't drink a lot and that didn't fit in with the boys. The company won't provide references, but two people have offered to provide one. If it was a true performance issue, I doubt they would have done that. I realize that I gave my all to a company that paid me back by removing me rather than moving me to a department that I could fit in. That was really harsh.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Tell the Truth

I saw a story the other day that Bill Clinton thinks that there should be a place where the government helps stop rumors.
I don't think the government would work as there's no way to make it non-partisan.
I do like Snopes and enjoy their weekly updates. I know there have been rumors that they are biased but here's what I found. Yeah, not true at all.
But what really annoys me is the people who say they are just passing something on, that it's not their place to check. YES it is! Would you just pass along something about a friend, but then deny that you were gossiping? Maybe you would, but would you want to be known that way? Seriously, it's wrong. It doesn't create a good impression of yourself. I love how it's the same people who complain about the number of emails they get that they delete them because there's no point. Then why are you contributing to the problem?
Consider telling the truth.