Friday, August 23, 2013


It's Friday, and I actually have a fun weekend lined up!
Tonight, I am meeting a friend for dinner.  Actually, she was my roommate for a year and a half in college.
Yesterday was my Dad's birthday.  I bought tickets for a behind the scenes tour tomorrow at the Kentucky Horsepark as his gift.  Afterwards, we are meeting some former neighbors for dinner.  Keep the man in your thoughts as he was recently diagnosed with the early stages of prostate cancer.  The day should be fun.
Sunday I have a meeting at church, and  then shopping with friends & dinner.  It will be good to see them, but the local outlet mall doesn't excite me.  I have no interest in a Coach purse when I can get a purse for 10% of that at Kohls.  There's a few stores I like, but I'd just as soon go to a mall with more stores I actually shop.  Then we are going to dinner and they want to go somewhere close, but they decided on a restaurant that has two locations closer (literally will drive by one to get to the other) because it's close.  It's a Mexican restaurant that I like but they act like it's the ultimate.  No, it's another cheap Mexican place where you are served by people of questionable legal status.  And you can't actually tell the quality is better except one is sure that it is true because you can't understand the waiters & waitresses.  I sound like I'm complaining, which I guess I am.  But really, there are better, closer restaurants - why drive that far except they are so into the familiar that literally it's been 10+ years since one has been to the exit immediately north of the one she lives at, except she won't go that way because it's more familiar to get off at the next one south and drive 40 miles an hour through 15 traffic lights than to look at a new option.
Do you have any weekend plans?

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