Monday, November 11, 2013

What If

Last week's sermon notes.  Can you believe it?  I'll now be blogging about more and different stuff with only one day of notes to comment on.
What if - sermon series  The start of a new series.  Yes, I missed week 2 because I didn't want to cough through it.  So anyhow.

Serve  What if we served?  Sometimes I wonder how much I'm expected to do, and if it's ever okay for me to veg out....

we took the great commission personally?  I think that's something that being in Crusade taught me.  It's finding the balance between building a relationship and saying something and not being annoying.

John 13

Stop trying to elevate ourselves  That's a hard one for me at the moment because searching for a job is all about selling yourself and the great things that you have done.  Especially since I've done more than my positions would suggest.  I mean if I wasn't doing the manager's job than they wouldn't have had time for E-bay and gossip, so yes I do take credit for the things that I actually did.

We became a servant  That would kind of flow from stop trying to elevate ourselves, wouldn't it?

Why didn't anyone start washing each others feet when they entered the upper room  I never thought about this.  I mean clearly Jesus was the Messiah, and this task belonged to the lowest.  But none of them were willing to humble themselves or thought that someone else would do it.

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