Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sermon Notes

Mostly  we live in a broken & fallen world
                Bad stuff happens - not always our specific fault But that's what I had to learn in business school is that it's always our fault - if we had anticipated better it could have been avoided.
                There is evil
                 Why not me?  True, but sometimes it seems like it is always me.
Sometimes God is testing or refining us   Yeah, I don't enjoy that.
                       God disciplines those that he loves
Always we have an option to grow (or not)
                What are we learning?
                Choose to grow up James 1:2-4
                Hold onto integrity Job 1:13-22,  Job 2:9

Ask God what am I learning about You? About myself? Am I more like Jesus 
is/through this? How do You want me to respond?
Matthew 5:14-16

Yes, this is the next one in the set.  It's Halloween so it goes with my black & orange Halloween shirt.

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