Monday, October 21, 2013


I want to start something a little new for this blog.  I went to a jewelry party the other night.  I have a lot of jewelry (okay cheap costume jewelry, but still) so I thought I'd start posting more of a what am I wearing things and telling a little about each item.
This is a stretch bracelet my aunt gave me a few years ago.  I think there were several more but the stretch elastic was so thin that they are gone now.  I'm wearing grey slacks and a white polo that has blue and black stitching on it, so this will hopefully tie them together.

Ourselves and others Need to forgive others so bitterness doesn't happen, and ourselves because it's human to make mistakes.
How's that working for you?  That's true of a lot of things, but until God is really clear there's nothing but to keep trying the best we can.
It's not that it isn't a big deal or wrong We justify sin a lot of ways but things are still wrong, and we have to look at our lives honestly.
Crucifixion not pretty. Not high off the ground and a T not a t.  I've always had a vision of Jesus being 10 or 20 foot in the air, but that's not true - it was way more personal and torturous.  
Romans 3:23-25
It's as much for us as for them it affects us more than them. Most people we don't forgive don't know it, and it doesn't bother them though it eats at us.
Forgiveness must flow though us. 
Do all you can to live in peace to those who have done evil to you. It is evil and you don't have to be bff. Just live in peace  I think it's how to live in peace when it is constantly in your face?
God will get revenge. It doesn't mean that God thinks then that it was no big deal.  However much it seems like that.
Embrace the forgiveness that God offers us.  Yeah, I have trouble with that.

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