Monday, August 26, 2013


The weekend recap - Friday night was dinner with a friend.  It was fun.  We went to the mall across from the restaurant to a couple stores.  Sshh!  She wasn't coming with us shopping on Sunday "because she spent to much on her kids back to school clothes" or rather the stores didn't sound interesting to her where we were going.
Saturday - The horsepark was fun.  A little more $$ than I expected, but my father actually acted happy with a gift at the end - a rarity for him.  Also, the dinner was very enjoyable.
Sunday - One friend cancelled at the last minute because she was "sick"  Her email this morning seems to indicate that "sick"="hung over"  One friend that was there - her life is just always stressful to hear about though I'm assuming more stress for her to live.  I have no idea how to help her since this is the result of things done 12-15 years ago that can't be changed.
The 24 Day Start Project - I'm on Day 15.  My progress on the first half of my goal is good.  However, the second isn't.  I just have to make some time on the weekend to do the pre-assessment because weeknights seem to be too busy.

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