Saturday, June 22, 2013

S is for Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes

Newspaper article about the tv episode  I can't find the episode link.

Friday, June 21, 2013

R is for Rock

Not going to lie, I only think I remember what my original intention was.  However, it's my blog so I can go off on a tangent, and you won't know. ;P
R is for Rock or more about the kind of music I like.
Now most people think I like soft rock.  Which is true, at work or wherever I don't want to bother people or something like that.  It's the old shoe that fits. People find it very easy to peg me there.
What people don't realize is that having grown up in Chorus and choir that lyrics are very important to me.  If the lyrics or singer bother me in some way, I don't like the whole song regardless of what the music is like.  It's not really the music, so I can enjoy different things.
This is what surprises people.  If I am at a concert or the lyrics appeal to me, I like things they don't expect.  I don't like "scream-o" bands as one of my youth calls his favorite groups.  However, I do like rock, especially Christian rock.  It's a great excuse to jump up and down, scream, you know, act like an idiot.
I am looking forward to three day of that next weekend at King's Island.