Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Easter sermon Notes

First, yes, I am feeling better since yesterday.  Can we blame coming down with a cold at the wrong time of the month for being more emotional than I probably should have been?
Also, there is no jewelry today because I was more concerned about just getting out of the house and not dying than anything else today.
Here are my sermon notes from Easter.  I think I have only two more old notes after this.

I am sending you!
Happy Easter
Passover meal-big deal
This is my body - dang it Cory  Freshman year, Easter sunrise rehearsal.  Each time the senior playing Jesus said "This is my body.  Eat me.  This is my blood.  Drink me."  We would crack up.  It's been 21 years, and I still remember it each communion.
Blasphemy suffered a very painful death. 
Does it look like hate won ?  Why i didn't like The Rockettes greatest story ever told because it left Jesus on the cross. If you do that it's a story. If he did rise again then you have to admit he is God. Read that again.  Jesus has to be resurrected for him to be God and not a fairy tale.
Matthew 28:5
John 20
Women who couldn't testify in court saw him first. I love this. Why do that except its the truth and for us today to see that He valued women  I've always thought it's a message for us today that Jesus values women's contributions as well as men's.
Joy comes in the morning (Anne of the Island)  Anne remembers this verse when she hears that Gilbert's not dying.  Which every girl fell in love at that point.
We all want the happy ending
Dancing - David is it in Samuel where he dances when the child dies?
Peace in the midst of conflict or freedom from conflict - something I need to reflect in
Nick someone he has no limbs. A friend shared a video of him not to long ago. 
On the cross Jesus looked down on all of us and said Forgive them. 
Our job is to share His story 

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