Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve blog

See I can look human!

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. It always seems pointless. If you want to start something, why give January 1 such magic power? You should start it now!
On the other hand, resolutions seem to be something that you “must” talk about on a blog.
I think I’ve talked on here before that I want to find time for everything. I’d say that means I need to do a better job of making priorities, but I know that will never happen.

Become organized. I’m actually almost there with the stuff that bugs me the most, but I know as soon as I say that I’ll get a cold or have meetings a couple nights in a row, and it will go bye-bye.

Become healthier. I’m trying really, really I’m trying. Honestly, right now it seems like I have no energy to do more than get more steps for 6 months than I did the previous six month time frame and to try to choose better food to eat. I need to eat fast food less, but that just doesn’t fit into my schedule.

This sounds like a lot of excuses, which gets back to my point. Make a change when you are motivated to change. Not when the calendar tells you to do so. I think when you do that you are setting yourself up for failure, and then you always fail – so why try?

Do you make resolutions? Do you have a resolution? What is it?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What do I do all day?

I thought I might explain why blogging doesn’t get done as often as it should by sharing my to-do list for today and what’s gotten done so far.

I’ve got dressed and written down in my Planner all I had to do for the day.
I revised the Accomplishments memo for the Department for the execs, checked the department’s mail, been through my work e-mail, updated my timecard for which projects I worked on today, ate lunch after a meeting about the new system. Now I find that I’m working on Monday to cover an inventory. Hopefully, all the teachers who are enjoying their day off will note that the next time they complain about how many hours they work. To fill in some time, I’m the person cleaning out the file cabinets and convincing people they need to cut the cord as they can request it back from storage. We found out from the external auditors that we need 9 more samples of some Accounts Receivable. I need to pull those.
When I get home, I need to find a box of tissues to bring in here tomorrow.
I make sure that I touch base with my friends so I have a list that I rotate through daily, monthly to make sure I contact people. I may be OCD, lol.
Check my personal email.
Christmas gifts – must get them wrapped, the ones I’ve received and the wrapping paper put away.
I’m doing a cross stitch for my cousin and his wife who just had a baby. Must finish it before the baby is to old for a nursery.
Clean my bathroom – mirror, toilet, shower, scrub the floors/vacuum the whole room
Clean my bedroom’s Baseboards, dust my furniture, pick up all my stuff that is laying on the floor, and finish changing the sheets on my bed.
Put away all the clean laundry in my closet and lay out tomorrow’s clothes
Paint my nails – pink isn’t as Christmas as red
Decorate my room for December – or at least finish putting away the November stuff.
Try to make time to put together a journal entry – of course mine is a prayer journal/diary so that’s not good, but I try and hope that counts. I have a page a day devotional, yes I know it’s been a year and a half since I started and I’m only on August, but again trying!
Make sure I’ve walked the number of steps that I should today. Upload them and record them in my spreadsheet.
Dye my hair (should I share that?)
Clean my contacts and take a Bath
Brush Blitzen’s teeth. He had bad breath for awhile so I’m trying to see if this helps.
Move stuff in my bedroom that belongs in the house there.
My aunt gets me a subscription to People and passes others on to me and I get a lot of catalogs, so I try to get one read and pitched or returned every day.
One of my friends loaned me some books when I was looking for a job, and I’m still trying to get through a chapter a day of the last book.
Oh yeah, find a permanent job and go through my email account I use for it.
Transfer the files from my old computer to my new computer or at least figure out how the program works. Also, call the Dell people about getting the crack in the screen fixed.
I have so many CDs that I’m trying to combine on to less CDs or onto my phone so I moved a picture off my phone to free up some space and so I don’t get a new phone and have a bunch of pictures stored on a phone I can’t use. When I get home, I will take a CD out of my “to-go-through” pile and copy to my computer so I can get them organized.
With the youth group, send in the volunteer hours and update my spreadsheet for the driving the youth director and I have done as I’m trying to do a budget for us. It could be more complete, but it’s part of trying to convince her that we do need to let the church know how much we are spending out of our pockets.
I’m helping out with a project to provide free tax preparation for low income people. This means going through some books and passing a test on the IRS site.
I was doing Toastmasters for awhile and dropped out because I didn’t love the local group. There’s one I want to join near work, but I want to finish a speech before I make the commitment, so I need to finish the speech.
I have an idea for a research project to start to network at Laurapalooza 2012 with an eye towards presenting at 2014, so I need to plan/research as well as another idea to develop to submit to the Beyond Little House blog.
I know I’m not in the insurance industry anymore but I’d love to complete my A Re so that I can take credit for it. 2 more tests and I have the books for the first one. Need to go through it.
It would, also, be helpful in looking for a job if I had a MBA, so I need to study to take the GMAT, I’d like to get through a chapter of it each day.
I got a car wash now I need to clean the inside of the car out.
This is silly but I started a Sweet Valley High fanfiction on I started a chapter earlier today. I’d like to finish it and upload it.
As well, I like to contribute to the 1Bruce1 LiveJournal page and update my stuff on Now I have a stack of books as I’m taking forever on the one recap, but if I could get passed it the next week will be easy.

So there’s all I try to do in a day? What about you? Are you better than me about making priorities?