Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Laura Collection

There's been discussion on Facebook among the Laurapolooza attendees about the portion of our homes dedicated to Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Since the day was so beautiful -

I decided to upload my collection. I didn't think the screen would show this much.

First, we have my program from Laurapolooza. I had several authors and Dean Butler autograph these pages with the intention of framing it. (Amy, do you feel good that I have your autograph framed on my wall?)

On my corner display, I have the television plates that a friend so incredibly generously gave to me this fall. Also, you can see the china sheperdess that I bought in DeSmet. The corn cob doll, button string, tin pail candy are on the shelves. I made these at Laurapolooza. In the bottom corner, you can see the red and white tin that I received as part of the Frontier Girl gift exchange this year.

I have a few more books to add to the shelf. It's a long sort of OCD story about why. But the bottom shelf is all my books by and about Laura. On the next shelf, you can see my L. M. Montgomery collection. Have I mentioned that I need to order the new release of "Rilla of Ingleside"?

Here's the overall view. Sorry the lampside looks crooked.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.