Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shoes with holes

Shoes with holes
 Have holes but refuse to get rid of them 
For some reason I try to think I can save them if I don't wear them, which is rather stupid. I might as well get the enjoyment out of them while I can and then let them die
Yard work or no choice? Most things for me are the yard work variety.  I need to be more thankful about that.
Luke 5:27-28 Levi left the tax collector booth to follow Jesus. Fee to Romans to have booth. Beyond it was theirs usually corrupt and then Levi/Matthew was a traitor as a Jew to work with the Romans. He hosted the banquet with Jesus that so annoyed the Pharisees
It must have been so easy to cheat.  I wonder why the Romans made it so easy?
People filled with holes only Jesus can fill
Choked on a piece of cheese so I'm fighting the urge to cough Don't you love when you are trying to be quiet and it doesn't work?
Women with hair and perfume. Parable of forgiving debts. We become like the Pharisees Samaritan John 4:10 Women at the well Our holes aren't as bad as someone else's

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