Wednesday, April 17, 2013

K is for Kentucky - 2nd Attempt

Sorry yesterday just didn't feel right to post this.
Kentucky is one of those places where you just have strong feelings.  When I started work after college, my aunt told me I would know who lived there.  I laughed.  Then six months later, I had to admit - the accent literally changes on the banks of the Ohio river and I can instantly tell if someone lives there.
I have so many good memories of going down to Lexington for Ichthus.  The drive out of Lexington was so pretty through horse country.  A lot of it has given way to suburban sprawl though there are still some pretty homes.  Who knows what's going to happen with Ichthus now?  I probably could have done I on Ichthus, but another time.  And I do know we will touch on it near the end.
Anyway, there are so many good memories of everything there.  From sleeping on a tarp in the sun, to bonding with my youth, to being a teen and sneaking into town instead going to a teaching seminar.  They are very much the defining memories of the past twenty plus years of my life.
I've also been on trips to Louisville and Lake Cumberland, and I've enjoyed them.
Then we come to the other part.  The part for me that defines the state.  It's the "holler," hillbilly for hollow.  My Dad's family is from there.  I pride myself on being educated, having a nice job, for bathing on a regular basis.  For not  being a hillbilly redneck.  Then you come to my father's family.....  What kind of Christian lady gets a college education and not a husband?  Um, this one.  I, also, do like to bathe on as close to a daily  basis as possible.  I know it makes me a spoiled brat.
So that leaves me with K for Kentucky.  A state a like in theory, but when I get up close and personal, I just get my hackles up.


  1. Kentucky is a beautiful state. I have many family members who live in and around Louisville. There is a certain accent Kentuckians have, isn't there?
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  2. I knew someone was going to say that!
    Louisville has so many pretty places. And I love to watch the Derby and know this worldwide event is happening so close. It's also the home of the evil former manager and evil first college roommate. So we can safely say it continues my love and hate relationship with the state. ;)