Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for blog

 April 2nd A-Z Challenge

Here's the link if you have a problem with the embed.
Does anyone know what to do when you paste the embed link from YouTube and it says you have no opening tag?


  1. You can anonymously make a Facebook fan page, which I only just did. Also, You may very well have inspired me to do a video blog... I've wanted to for a very long time, but have never had the guts. Well done, glad I stopped by!

  2. Thanks so much. I like video blogs because I talk so much faster than I type.

  3. It was super hard for me to put my blog "out there" and let people find out that I was doing it. :)
    Now I just have to keep in mind that I can't always say whatever I want. I also sometimes don't want to push myself on others (like when I share on facebook), but I decided that my friends and family can click into it or not.
    Laura @ The Sweet Simple Things

    1. I have no problem sharing my opinion, as you have probably noticed by now, it's just making sure that I say it in a way that doesn't sound like "Here's why I'm right and you're wrong" which I know I do way too often.