Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for husky

Did you expect anything else but husky?  More specifically, Siberian Husky.   Did you not suspect it after the Iditarod posts?  We've always had them and I'm using this as an excuse to show off some photos.


Not mine but an adorable image I found online.  The black one in the middle isn't a husky.

Blitzen is just the happiest looking dog.


  1. They are such beautiful dogs! And Blitzen DOES look really happy!

  2. I am a huge dog lover. Mine are little things. Blitzen is beautiful and looks happy and very well taken care of!

  3. Well hello from a fellow challenger and What wonderful woofs! they are lovely

  4. Visiting from the A-Z Challenge!

    I'd love to have a husky, but my place is nowhere near big enough. I think they are beautiful dogs.....so mystical looking!

  5. Thanks everyone!!! Blitzen always likes to hear how happy/cute he is!