Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for DC Talk

I wasn't sure what to do for D, maybe dog but then I started thinking....
D is for decent, I mean what I say
But obscene, I don't play that way
C is for Christ, to the i-a-n
That's right y'all, I am born again
That's my tool, my gift to use
R-a-p to spread the news of god
So you know the part now
Now tell the world what's on your heart

Favorite band ever!!!!!  These were the hot, young guys when I was in high school and they split up but still continue to define Christian music.  Here are some of my favorite songs -
Best song most favorite song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title track of my favorite album - Free at last

They broke up and formed their own bands in 2002.
Michael Tait formed Tait.   I loved this song from Extreme Days.

Then he joined the Newsboys.  This has been one of my recent downloads.

Then Toby formed Tobymac.  The man has such incredible concerts.  I can be "eh" and within three minutes I'm bouncing off the walls.
Diverse City being a defining song for them.

Kevin dropped off for awhile but he just joined Audio Adrenaline, and I have tickets to see them on 4/27


  1. My daughter enjoys Christian rock. It is always fun when you get to see someone you enjoy, live. Have fun at the end of April. Dropping by from the A-Z Challenge Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Thanks. I know that I probably should not love it so, but I love how alive I feel.