Monday, March 11, 2013


Sermon musings from yesterday......  We're continuing the shoe metaphors with hip waders.

We need to know:
We might get wet. Who's in the boat with us?

FYI, Heels was a week I missed so you won't read anything on here.

Who was he hanging out with?  Fisherman.  Not the days movers and shakers.  IDK, this goes back to a conversation I had recently.  Why do we assume that the rich or successful don't need God?  Isn't there a reverse snobbery in there?

Read Luke 5 about Jesus making them fishers of men.

Don't like to share our stuff?  Peter really was tired and didn't feel like going out with Jesus on a fools errand.  I am so there so much of the time.  How do we know when to take the boat out again and when we can pass because we need the rest?

Who is with us?  Peter saw it was the Messiah, when He calmed the storm.  Well yes, that would be memorable.  I wish I could see things that obviously.

Do you want to be in a boat in the middle of a storm at night? I like to be in control of my situation as much as possible, so NO WAY!
No one else has ever calmed a storm. Better than a miracle. I guess you have to be willing to take the risk to see the miracle, and I like to calculate my risks too much.

The minister lost her father last summer.  She's starting to see breaks in the clouds through the storm.  People turn to Wrong things to mask the pain. I know you aren't supposed to say time and distance heal wounds, but they do.  Laura Ingalls Wilder said one time that her family must have sounded very fatalistic but they didn't dwell on what happened to them just on what was next.  I think we've lost some of that attitude.  Yes, we need to acknowledge that any type of pain hurts, but to keep your eyes forward.  Seriously some stuff right now?  One of my best friends keeps encouraging me to do that, and I know it's not what I really really want to hear, but it's what I need to hear.

Matthew 14:24-23 Jesus us praying on a hill reenergize and reconnect  Do we pray 
when we are tired?  Sometimes.  I know I use it for other things - to meditate and to go through things.  It's usually mentally tiring.   

Disciples in a boat while Jesus prays at a distance.  He comes to them.  Peter starts sinking. Jesus calms him when you ask to get out of the boat in the middle of the storm why are we surprised that we will get wet?  But I want to stay safe and dry! I probably need to step out of the boat more often.  Have I shared my friend's sermon that talks about how Peter DID get out of the boat?  That he did have more faith than the other 11?  I think this needs to be added here.

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