Friday, March 22, 2013

Sermon Notes

Shoes with holes
 Have holes but refuse to get rid of them Yes, they are comfortable and I do that too often, and that probably does say more about me than I think.
Yard work or no choice?  That is a difference, and probably says good and bad things about us.
Luke 5:27-28
Levi left the tax collector booth to follow Jesus. 
Fee to Romans to have booth. Beyond it was theirs  usually corrupt and then 
Levi/Matthew was a traitor as a Jew to work with the Romans. He hosted the banquet with Jesus that so annoyed the Pharisees Women with hair and perfume. Good reminder that just because someone appears to have it all doesn't mean they really are.
Parable of forgiving debts. 
People filled with holes only Jesus can fill You knew that would be said when the topic was annouced, right
Choked on a piece of cheese so I'm fighting the urge to cough  We have snacks and, yeah, I'd literally choked on some cheese so my throat was scratchy and I spent the sermon trying not to hack.
We become like the Pharisees  Our holes aren't as bad as someone else's My sins aren't as bad as your sins, which is me too often.
Samaritan  Need to take a breathe to see the Samaritan and I rarely allow myself the time to do that.
John 4:10 Women at the well  Important to note that she was there when no one else was around.  How do I feel this and how do I contribute to the issue?

And I wanted to include a passing mention of what I did on Saturday afternoon.
Have I mentioned that originally my church was an extension campus of the one I grew up in?  We became our own church a couple months ago.  It feels not correct to say "main campus" anymore.  OTOH, it's always going to be more than a random church.  So from now on if I say FC, then you'll just know that's what I mean without going through the explanation, okay?
Anyway, they had a prayer walk this week, and a friend invited me.  I decided to go on the hope of running into the friend and knowing that with all the change lately that it would be time I should take with God.  After I finished doing taxes, I headed over.  It was a good experience.  The theme was home.  There was one point though.  There was a fill in the blank card that you opened and it was a message.  One of the blanks challenged me.  My automatic answer for the past 22-23 years has been one thing, and now it’s not there.  I had to come up with a different answer.  It’s not easy, and I didn’t like the response that fit the blank, but not the message inside.  I need to redefine my life, and I’m not sure how ready I am to do so.

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