Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Weekend

My boss is off today.  It's the last Friday of the month so I can wear jeans.  The rest of the floor can wear jeans every Friday, but we are only allowed the last Friday of the month.  So I'm wearing a comfortable pair of blue jeans.  I'm also wearing a pink quarter zip pullover.  Finance can wear them any Friday, but we aren't  ever.  However, my boss is off so I'm following the time honored, "What she doesn't know, she won't know."
I've been spending lunch time lately reading fanfiction.  It makes the most random thoughts go through my head.  Be happy that I subject only my closest friends to them.  You would think I was a crazy person and run away.  Really and truly, you have no idea what I think over the course of a day.
I wanted to tell you about a blog I follow just because I liked last night's video.  It's Kandee Johnson.  It's easiest to find her on YouTube, but I'm at work so I can't look up the link.  She has great make-up tips.
What are you doing for Easter?  My aunt is coming out, and we are going to church and then to brunch - at a place that will have crab legs on the buffet.  Yum!!

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  1. Some days my thoughts are just all over the place and I think that would scare people. :) We're going to church on Easter then my kids (three, counting my son's girlfriend) are coming for ham dinner. I'm doing most of the dinner prep today so that we can have a relaxed day tomorrow.
    Happy Easter!