Monday, March 25, 2013

Grammar Nazi

This is a phenomenon I have seen recently on Facebook that bugs me.  It's people claiming to be "Grammar Nazis" over the uneducated masses.  I'm aware that people are using and spelling words correctly with less and less frequency.  It can be annoying.  However, does anyone remember the Bible verse about not picking the splinter out of someone's eye until you have removed the log from your eye?  Yeah, that one.  No one is perfect.  Yes, people aren't saying things correctly, and it's not good.  However, the Grammar Nazi is judging everyone and viewing them as falling short of their own wonderfulness.  Pretty sure that judging people, being arrogant and condescending is actually worse than confusing "there" and "their" as someone was quickly typing (and let's not get into Autocorrect.)

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