Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whirl of gaiety?

Recognize the title?  It's a chapter title from Little Town on the Prairie.  Laura uses it to describe how much social life there now is in DeSmet.  I've talked with people about how it's just such a fun title to use when describing your life.  I've run into the situation tonight.
My tennis lesson has moved to 6 on Wednesdays because of the EITC project.  yeah, today I'm going to have to leave work early to make it.  Then I'm going to leave the lesson at 6:50 to get to bookclub a little after 7.  After this week, I'll probably skip one or the other, but this week is the first week back on a regular schedule for both so I want to make it.
We read "Having Our Say" for book club tonight.  I love history so I enjoyed that part.  OTOH, I know Jim Crow was bad and that they were discriminated against.  But there was no new information perspective really.

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