Friday, February 1, 2013

TV Comments

It's not a day of the week as a title, right?  I thought I would give my reaction to Tuesday's Pretty Little Liars, since you've already gotten the impression I love the show.

Spencer - she is cracking but I hope she tells the other girls soon.  It's not fair for them to not know not to trust Toby.

Emily - yeah, it is wierd for the family of the guy you killed to send you stuff.  Maybe she's trying to prove she's not scared, but she's going overboard.

Hanna - loved her this week.  She looks like a flake, but she'll figure out what everyone's up to first.

Aria - ouch, where to turn?  I wish Noel or Jason would comfort her rather than Wes.

Toby - why was he wearing the do-rag?  Did he join a gang in juvie?  Toby became an A when he got out.  What else did Ali's posse do to annoy him?  Is he still ticked at Emily for rejecting him?

Ali - Girl gets around.  Is there a guy in Rosewood or the beach she hasn't hooked up with? I could see that the one the girls were friends with was dead, and the twin is A.

Ezra - well, he got a shock didn't he?  I feel so bad for him.  He did say he was doing life with Aria not Maggie - possibly a more mature point of view than the average high schooler can grasp.  He just needs to come back to Aria soon.  Maybe it's his father who really got Maggie pregnant.

Paige - I have never trusted her, and I still don't.  I'm sure Emily will though.

Caleb - Needs to wash his hair and consult with Hanna's Mom - in a way different than what Wilden would do.

Jason - Can he or Noel wander around shirtless rather than Toby?

Wilden - So he killed someone in the line of duty or Ali or Ali was involved in something that led to him killing her.  And maybe he got her pregnant.  So he likes mothers and young girls, classy.  Also, if he's supposed to be the same age as Jason, Ian and Garrett, he looks older.

Byron - I don't know.  His tone just sounds even more suspicious lately.

Hanna's Mom - she seems to be the mother most likely to figure something out before A tries to kill one of the girls.  But if Wilden is back, will the Pastor like it?

Emily's Mom - Was right to talk to the police.  It's not her fault that you can't trust the Rosewood PD.  Good parent award.

Cece - Don't trust her about anything though her story was interesting.

Maggie - She didn't throw Aria under a bus, but I can't help thinking that is part of a bigger plan.

Also, I have been really liking Castle.  Wait, it's two people who really care for each other, but are afraid to say anything because it might ruin the friendship.  Yeah, kinda relate to that.

What are your favorite tv shows?

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