Monday, February 18, 2013

Post Valentine's Day

I called Longhorn when I left work Thursday.  At that moment, it was a 90 minute wait.  I texted home.  I got a call asking where then I should meet them.  At 6pm on Valentine's Day, everything is going to be crazy.  I told them to go without me.  They weren't happy, but when do they think I'm going to keep everything the way they want if I spend all that time sitting in a restaurants lobby?  They got home at 7:15.  Imagine if they hadn't gotten to the restaurant for another 45 minutes when it would have been.  I just can't get why they seem to think this isn't a major change to what I hope to do in a day.
But then my mother was upset with me yesterday.  There's evidently a single man who has been coming to church.  Now as I'm not desperate, I'm not knocking people over to introduce myself to him.  As I've not met the man to be interested or in general, who would I rush over to meet, why would I?  That's not going to look crazy and desperate.  My mother doesn't see that whispering to me "Where is he?" every week is just going to make it look like I'm interested in him in a creepy stalkerish way.  Obviously, she doesn't see it that way.  It gets so frustrating.  They don't understand that people don't just randomly date people any more.  The serial monogamy concept that has happened over the past 10-15 years is just beyond their experience.  In their time, people just went on random dates with each other and going out with 6 different people in a month wasn't work commenting on.  It's not like that any longer - especially in the church.
Anyone have any ideas on how to show them I'm not making this up?

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