Monday, February 25, 2013

Return of sermon commentary

Yes, it's one of those posts again.  I'm hoping it will make sense.  I had wanted to include a couple pictures, but that's not going to happen.
The sermon series is walking in his shoes.  I wanted to add a photo of my shoes for the day, but I couldn't figure out how to turn off the shutter sound during the sermon.  We got a rock as a take home.  Something about remembering Jesus being barefoot and stepping on rocks.  I guess this is why I need to blog the day I hear the sermon.  I remember more.
Life in my shoes 
 It's Lent - need to find an Easter outfit.
I know that's not really important, but it is something I need to start thinking about.
Have you been baptized? Three times Group think
The first time when I was 17 and joined the church.  Last time was during the charter celebration and it was there as we walked back to our seats.  The middle time - it was offered as a rededication during a service.  It ended up with the entire congregation being rebaptized but I'm not sure everyone felt called to do it but as if the were rejecting God if they stayed in their seat.
17. Guy in Bible study told me I wasn't really an adult at the time. 
My Bible study talked at one time about being baptized as an adult versus a child/infant and I shared my experience.  One man told me that since I was 17 I was a child.  While yes, I wasn't legally an adult I arrived at the decision on my own.  I really thought this man missed the point of everything.
Reformed Catholic - minister's husband. 
A joke from a few years ago since it seems there are so many people who were raised in the Catholic church that attended our Methodist church.
Mark 1:4-5
John baptizing people in the wilderness. 
Mark 1:7-8
Someone is coming who is greater  He should baptize me
Matthew 3:15
It should be done to complete what God desires. 
Jesus wanted to experience what we experience. 
Humility because when so we claim to do something wrong when we haven't?
Me- when we think people will look down on us for making the right choice. 
If we make the right decisions, people get look down at us because we are goody-goodies.  Think about it - do people get excited about the testimony of someone who grew up in the church, accepted Christ at age 8, and for the most part followed him ever after?  Or is it exciting to be the former drug user who cheated on their spouse before repenting at age 30?
Draw me close. St Louis Steve another business person. 
The Katinas have a great version of the song.  Steve, who was on the youth ministry team for awhile, drove back from St. Louis together.  We really enjoyed the CDs the other had brought.  I think that was the trip, we both had Verizon but he couldn't get service so he had to borrow my phone every time he wanted to call his wife.  He, also, works in the business world. I enjoyed talking to him because sometimes the mindset is so different that it feels others can't appreciate that you bring all your knowledge to the table.  They might not want to hear it all.
From water straight to the wilderness 
I guess Jesus got the changes that sometimes leave us feeling like we are playing Snap the Whip
Mark 1:11-13 desert not forest for 40 days like Lent
Wonder if that's where the idea came from?  Desert not forest is something I know intellectually, but I don't think it's something I understand on a practical level like how much less resources there would be.
Matthew 4:1-11 being tempted
Whispers not red tights and a pitchfork 
How the devil tempts us.  I think it is very true - we look for big and obvious versus a nudge on a slippery slope.

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