Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

While I do find the Single Awareness Day acronym mildly amusing, I've made a conscious choice to not use it.  It's really very self-pitying.  Shouldn't we be happy that others are in love?  On the other hand, my Mom has decided it's Valentines Day and her hand is still bandaged from the surgery so we are going to Longhorn for dinner.  Do you know how many people are going to be going out to eat tonight?  And they are refusing to call ahead for seating more than 5 minutes in advance.  I said I wouldn't go on about how many things are on my to-do list, but really how would this seem to be a reasonable response to anyone?
Why would you want to spend the evening on the sidewalk of a restaurant when you don't have to do so?
Why can they not see what a horrible inconvenience this is to me?
Why would they think I want to spend the entire evening playing Angry Birds waiting for a table?
Do they not get that I have to have time to clean so that I can have the time to study so I can get some designations to make me more employable?

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