Thursday, November 8, 2012


Yes, I started this on Friday but I thought I’d give you the whole run down.

TGIF!!!!  So you know after yesterday what I’m doing tonight.  But if you didn’t read (shame, ,shame), I am going to dinner with three friends and then going to hear one’s husband’s band play with her and possibly another friend.
One friend can’t go to the bar with us because she’s taking her mother to dinner the next day.  I’m not sure the connection because everyone lives close to each other so there’s not a lot of driving or something she has to rest up.  And we will have 1-2 drinks, so she won’t need recovery time.
The other friend doesn’t drink.  She doesn’t have a conviction against it.  She just won’t order a Sprite at a bar because she thinks it will be too awkward.  I don’t get why it would be since they’ll just think you are the driver.
The friend that’s joining us is an accountant.  Since it’s the beginning of the month she has to work late.  Her company is the only one I know that makes people stay after 6 on Fridays except for year end.
I had a fashion crisis this morning.  I decided I didn’t want to change between work and this evening, but what to wear?  It’s not a jeans day at work today, technically.  We can only wear jeans on the last Friday of the month.  OTOH, I think the new colored denim doesn’t really look very jean like.  I could argue that if anyone objected.  I settled on purplish-blue jeans and a matching sweater with black low heeled boots.  After all the agonizing, I was running late so I through all the make-up I could possibly want in my make-up bag.  I bought the large Vera Bradley make-up bag in Deco Daisy. 

  It’s been discontinued.  However, I had a $20 coupon that expired on 10/31.  I know it was after that, but I decided that they were so big on customer service that they’d probably still honor it if I played dumb.  I had just enough time to run over to the store before dinner.  I decided to get the other make-up bags in complementing colors so it didn’t look like I added one after everything else was discontinued.  I found pictures.  I bought a medium in Summer Cottage 

and the small in Provencal.

Dinner was fun at the Mexican restaurant.  The friend who thought she would be late made it.  We had fun,, and the restaurant was ready for us to give them back the table two hours later.  Afterwards, we went to one’s house to combine cars.  We drove to the bar to find about three people sitting at the bar.  Oops, wrong bar.  The correct one was on the other side of the highway from the restaurant – the opposite direction of the house.  We found it and went in – paying a cover charge.  I know that’s typical of a bar, but this is truly 40 year old men acting out their rock star dreams.  We got a drink, and I noticed a couple sitting near the bar.  I’d had their daughter in youth group at the main campus.  We caught up a little bit.  My friends and I found a table to sit and talk except the band was so loud, and we actually had moved on to some serious conversation.  We stayed for an hour or so and went back to talk at the house.
Once we were back at the house, one started talking about her job issues.  I sympathize with her – it wasn’t that long ago I was in the same boat.  On the other hand, I think she does a lot to sabotage herself, and I’m not sure how to point it out nicely.  Around 12:30 or 1, we realized it was getting late and headed home.

The rant about the presidential election will be coming because I have several things to get off my chest.  Yes, I know, but I really have a couple things I have to say.

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