Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Day Plans

Good Morning!
After my post last night, I got a text from a prayer group that I signed up at a concert for.  It asked if I needed any specific prayer.  Didn’t I ask for prayer yesterday?  I thought I should take any that I can get.  The person on the other end wasn’t a counselor, but she/he did make one comment that did make a lot of sense.  It’s something to keep in mind.  That’s why I’m taking time to make sure what I say isn’t just hurt and anger talking.

Now enough about that!

What are you doing for the holiday?  We are going down to my aunt’s house.  It will just be my parents, me, and her.  Small, but that’s the immediate family.
I’ve realized I’m getting a cold today, so that’s going to add fun to the long weekend.  Yes, I feel whiny about it.  I know I’m not sick but that doesn’t mean I feel ready to play a game of tennis.
Friday is the last home football game of the season.  Then it’s on to decorating the house for Christmas.

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