Monday, December 10, 2012

sunday sermon

Worship leader - exec preaching
The road to Bethlehem 
A Baby Changes Everything 
5 love languages
Nothing from him- mentioned 6 times
Probably never saw Jesus preach
Farmers bakers shepards carpenters where Ruth was from Joseph was there
Mary in Nazareth 
They meet at Elizabeth's house
Matthew 1:18-24
Merciful but angry
Both Joseph's have dreams
How do you define greatness?
Excitement over a gift giving (gag gifts are stupid)
Blog about Friday night
Compare Herrod and Joseph


I know, I haven’t done a sermon reaction in awhile.  I blame it on having on going computer issues.  I have to type it out instead of talking through it.  But I dropped the computer off to be fixed on Saturday.  Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.
I enjoyed it and that last night’s youth group discussion touched on it.
I really liked the part, where he talked about seeing the excitement in someone’s eyes over a gift they just know someone is going to love.  That’s one of the things I think we need to be teaching.  It’s one of the reason white elephant gift exchanges tick me off so much.  We need to be focusing on other people.  Not how to make ourselves look good.
I, also, liked how Joseph probably had his life planned out until the angel appeared to him – and then it all went nuts.  How often does that happen to us?  It happens to me a lot

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