Friday, December 21, 2012


I started a Thursday, but didn’t get very far before a project came up.  I’ll restart it again.  It might be a little better anyhow.  A couple friends gave me some encouragement last night.  It was nice to hear.  Of course now I’ve swung back in the other direction.  The friend has most of the same influences that I have, so of course she would end up with the same conclusions I did.  I decided on a theme song this morning.  Superchik’s One Girl Revolution.  It’s actually the ringtone I used when I knew I was losing my job.  That sounds depressing, but it was to pump myself up.  I’d put the music video here, but of course YouTube is blocked at work.

So my start of a post was questioning what I had posted on Wednesday.  How honest can one be in their blog?  Because I’m not sure if I was too honest.  OTOH, why should I hide my feelings completely?  I think the balance is in knowing that what you are saying is only your opinion.  Acknowledging that you may be emotional in some way.  As well, I think we need to be careful in our words.  Not saying “I’m going to kill him.”  If you know, that’s not what we intend at all, so that are words can be taken at face value.

Does that make sense?

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