Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Card

I’m hoping to have exciting news soon, but you’ll have to wait until I find out more.  Terrible, aren’t I?
I sent out the list yesterday for the LIW Christmas Card exchange.  I find it a lot of fun.  I don’t really get that many cards mailed to me.  Not sure why.  I think because the Bible Study I was in for a number of years has disbanded.  Since I go to the extension campus now, I’ve lost touch with some.  However, these cards more than outnumber them.  They are also from around the country.  I think they show everyone’s personality a little as well.  I know that’s a cheesy comment.  Are you really surprised though?  I know I’m cheesy often on this blog.
How many Christmas Cards do you usually get a year?  How many do you send?

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