Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I hope everyone enjoyed Blitzen’s day yesterday!
I’m writing this out long hand at work because my computer is scanning for a virus. I don’t know what I clicked wrong, but something happened so I’m running MacAfee with the hopes of fixing it before I have to tell anyone. Anyway, I’ve had problems with Blogger erasing all that I have typed – so frustrating. They are usually awesome blogs that I don’t have the patience to retype. How doe you stay motivated when this happens?
How well do you rest? I’m sitting here trying to find other ways to do things. I don’t mean rest as in play on Facebook. I usually do that. I mean – be satisfied that you are getting enough done each day. I’ve completed 9 things on my task list and have three others started, but I have thirty-six more to start. I break things down into little pieces so I can feel accomplished, but I can never feel that it’s acceptable to give anything less than a top priority because if I don’t work on something it goes out of control so that then I’m non-stop fighting fires. What do you do to feel like you have accomplished your goals each day?

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