Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dogs rule, humans drool

Blitzen here. I thought I would respond to a post my Mom was talking about dogs and silent fences.
A long time ago, Grandma & Grandpa and Mommy had Red and Dandy.

This picture is Mommy and Red winning a jr. handler trophy at a fun match. No one's ever taken me to one. I would so show them.
Here's one of Dandy and Panda (Panda's standing and the star of the story.

Anyway, we have a five foot chain link fenced in back yard. It's pretty nice, and I hear there aren't many Beggin Strips and Airconditioning vents on the OTHERSIDE of the fence, so why go there? But one night, Red and Dandy decided to go out. They dug out around midnight, but no one knew until 4am. Mommy stayed home from 9th grade to help Grandma look for them. They found them very muddy around noon. So everyone put some concrete blocks around the bottom of the fence. Like a concrete block is going to stop a husky! Grandma found some of the blocks moved. (See unlike what Grandma and Panda told me, Dandy wasn't the most wonderful creature to walk the earth.) So then Grandpa cut up some rebarb and put an 18 inch stick every three inches around the fence and the blocks, then they added barb wire around it. One day Grandma looked out and saw Dandy half under the fence! See Siberians are unstoppable!
They decided to get a silent fence and place it under the fence so that doggies couldn't get to the fence to dig out. It seemed to solve the problem. Red died, and Mommy chose Panda to come live with us. As Panda always informed me, she was the Princess (and I'm the court jester, according to her, she always acted like I was annoying and I wasn't. I'm nothing like that pipsqueak Koti.) Anyway, Panda as a Princess didn't like being told where she could and couldn't go. She didn't want to leave the yard because she didn't want to go through the trouble of training new humans, but hello? the people were infringing on her rights! She realized that there was a beeping sound before the shock, but the more beeping the less the shock since the batteries were worn down. She laid down at the edge where it started beeping until it stopped beating since the battery was dead. She was free to go where ever she wanted to go! Grandpa replaced the batteries, like he's in control around here or something. Panda was stunned that someone would try to upsurp the Princess's power so she decided to solve the problem forever. First, she killed the batteries again. She tells me this was fun as well to watch the people spend $15 on batteries that would be dead within the work day. Panda realized the collar had to be receiving a signal from the wire under the ground, so she dug up the wire in 3 or 4 places. Now she had to remind herself that she was doing this for the good of Siberians everywhere - humans are not the superior species, there was some current going through the wire, but it wasn't that strong on her gums. She chewed through the wire so that it couldn't tell the collar to shock us.
It worked and the humans decided to just put us in the kennel when they are asleep or leave the house. It has a tree by it, our houses, some grass, it's concreted in, and we get a treat if we have to stay in it. Much better.


  1. My sister-in-law has a dog that would stand right on the line. You could see he was getting shocked. It just didn't matter to him. He does, however, stay in his fenced in kennel.

  2. Panda wouldn't get close enough for the shock, just the beep. The kennel is very nice so I don't feel to bad about leaving them in there.