Monday, May 28, 2012

The Bachlorette.

Tonight I'm going to try to do a live blog of the Bachlorette. If nothing else, I love author, Kristin Billerbeck's blog so this will be a response to her recap tomorrow. We open with Emily's Mom bringing her breakfast in bed as you know all single moms have each day. Chris Harrison is meeting with the guys and the dates blah, blah, blah. Chris is the first date "Love is a climb" sounds to me like he's going to be scaling a building. Emily tells him she's excited and nervous because he's so cute. Yep, they are scaling the building. Wonder what the producers would do if they found out that I have no strength and actually couldn't do this. Chris says he'll protect her if she's scared. Emily is getting scared as the lightening flashes and wind. But this is like love - No it's not. If a guy loves you he won't make you do something that terrifies you for "fun." Chris is disappointed that they high-five instead of kiss. I'm thinking this could mean he's in the "friend zone" Emily does like that he's a "manly man" and she would be scared to approach him in a bar. She's laying the Southern Charm on a little thick. His last relationship was from high school and lasted six years. She's scared that he's 25 and that it's a red flag because he's not ready to be a Dad to his age - EXCEPT SHE'S 25 AS WELL. What makes her so special? "Let's play" is the date card for the group date but there's to many to list who goes. Back on top of the building, Chris is defending his age, which unless you are on Pretty Little Liars and dating your teacher, you shouldn't have to do. She does give him the rose and she pins it to his tshirt, not tacky at all. They go to dance in a parking lot to a country band that I missed their name, but I assume they have an album coming out soon. There's a crowd standing there watching as there must be nothing to do in Charlotte. She stops worrying about his age to let him kiss her. Commercial for the premier of Pretty Little Liars - yes I've gotten really into it in the past few months and finished watching the first season today. Emily is wearing a shirt that's as long as her shorts. Sean is talking to another guy about it's not the first guy to say hello. Sean - you seem like a decent guy, but you aren't the type to end up with the girl. Emily has her four girlfriends who are here to interrogate the guys. They show her the front page of the paper with her date from last night. Charlotte has no bigger news in it. One of the guys is also wearing a green & white striped shirt like her - does this give him an advantage? The first guy immediately mentions his kids. Everyone says they are ready to be a dad, duh. Data destruction guy says her never cheated and they kick him out of the interview. They ask egg guy if he fertilized the egg himself - even wierder and he gives them a look. Sean talks about how important his faith is. The friends think he's cute and a gentleman. Doesn't take him long to take off his shirt and do pushups. Still the "Man of Faith" never lasts long on the show. Now there are kids. Guys start to show off how good they can be with kids. Mom's comment - interogating by friends and wrangling kids does not make a good date. One guy tries to steal some alone time and tells her she shouldn't get lazy and get fat and he'll love her less. Ryan it is - bad move. And I found out I grew up with one of his former coaches. The girls like Sean and Doug. For the dinner portion, Emily has changed into a sequined miniskirt. Hard to sit down in. Sean says he's not dated in over a year because he's selective (not picky). He's so the typical Christian guy who wants the perfect girl and never finds her amongst us humans. Next guy - Doug (? one of the fathers) - says her friends are like his friends' wives. Foster kid because his Mom left and his Dad died of epilepsy because if he went to the doctor they wouldn't have groceries. So he plays on the heart strings, and it is Doug. Tony whines about missing his son. Yes, you are a bad Dad. Kaylon thinks Emily is thinking up an awesome date for him. I love how the guys think it's Emily not the producers planning the dates. Arie gets the date that love is a wild ride for the race car driver. Tony whines to Emily about his son. Go home to him, yes being on a reality show is a selfish choice. Glass house promo - sounds creepy. Tony whines to Doug about missing his kid. Just go home already. He calls home. I think he's trying to win points with Emily, but he looks pathetic. Mom's comment - he needs a railing for the whole Mesnick experience. Emily comes to console him. Emily gives him permission to go home if he doesn't see himself winning in the end and she sounds like she knows it won't be him because of how whiny he is. Maybe he'll come back during the overnight dates because he's not as into his son anymore. Where's Chris tonight - I liked him. Wait Doug's a Charity Director/Real Estate - what kind of career is that? Jef's hair is wierd. Sean gets the rose. He looks very sunburned. They need to put names on all these guys at all the time. Ryan thinks the other guys are jealous of his budding relationship with Emily - he didn't get the rose, so is it really that great? Halfway through the show and it looks like I've typed two pages, so I hope you are patient. Arie thinks he just wants to see where the day goes and not focus on the rose. Chris thinks Arie couldn't have what he has. Emily thinks Arie is cute. They go to Dollywood which looks like it's empty. Arie has never heard of it, um obviously not from the Eastern half of the country. Arie wants to win something for Ricki - good move. They got a husky toy!!! They go on a real roller coaster again somethiing I won't do. They next have to write a love song for each other as Dolly comes out. Emily freaks out at meeting Dolly there. She has called it the happiest place on earth. I wonder how ABC's mouse thinks about her saying that. Emily and Arie dance while Emily still is freaking out by being so close to Dolly. Emily is wearing another striped shirt and cowboy boots with short shorts - I guess all the country boys like the look. But the necklace is ugly. Arie gives her a sidehug during the second song but they do start dancing as a sidehug is not very romantic see I think Emily loves Dolly more than Arie. He's dated a girl with two kids, but he missed her kids as much as her since they lived together. Girl didn't want to have more kids, but he did - way to score points. And the girl's ex raced cars, um a theme here. He asks her about Brad. She's neutral. He says he thinks all the guys will say they are ready to be Dads, but it's easier to say than to do. True. He asks how she'll handle his schedule, she says she likes her space. I think if he wins she'll whine about it when they break up. She tries to mess with him about giving him the rose and he starts to freak out. He gets a kiss and he tries to rationalize that the messing with him was a good thing as Dolly sings again and they ride a merry-go-round. He kisses her some more. The other guys aren't going to like to hear about it. She says he reminds her of Ricki's father. I'm thinking that's a bad sign. Kaylon condescendingly tells about how he's never shared in his life and he chides her for interrupting him. Travis talks with her about the egg. Emily smashes it and it's wierd. The guys toast to shelly which I thought is hysterical. They pour some of the drink on the fire. I wonder if it violates the Man Code. Some guy who I don't know who he is sees being a Dad as a compromise which may be true, but a killing move on this date. Alessandro is the guy. Sean says he told her friends he's cheated and had a one night stand. He leaves before the rose ceremony. I don't think he looks sober in the limo. Mom thinks she's being soooo arrogant to assume that guys are ready to be fathers before they actually experience it. Ryan is shocked to see her making out with Arie. Sean tells her that he wouldn't have waited two days to talk to her. This sounds like a guy I knew and he had bad luck with girls. Sean tells her Ricki would be his - she could call him whatever she wanted. Wait is Chris the building climber the guy with the brain injury? I feel bad saying that because he's one of my favorites. And the roses go to: Jef, Charlie (wait am I confusing him with Chris?), Doug, Michael (who?), Travis, Alejandro (the guy who went home,him and Arie way to similar names), Ryan, Jon (who?), Kaylon (darnit, boys who don't get a rose if that's her type be happy) and Nate (who). I think only one is going home which much suck to be rejected so - it's Stevie who I don't know if he's ever spoke to her. Party MC - there's a career for you. He doesn't enjoy being rejected, but who would. Ryan is still unhappy Arie was kissing Emily. Is Ryan or Kaylon the most annoying guy? Next week onto Bermuda. There's some kind of sailing race - one guy may lose a finger. Emily doesn't like Ryan judging her and someone tries to take on Doug about being fit for Emily. Deleted scenes Alessandro says he dated his third cousin. Ewww. And he can't commit to a pet. Oh that's so bad.

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