Monday, May 7, 2012


Evidently, I’ve posted the end of Laurapalooza twice now. Oops! Forgive me? My laptop at work picked up a virus last week. I spent almost 4 hours watching them try to fix it on Thursday. Then I spent at least two hours on Friday getting my printer straightened out. On Monday, I found out that I lost part of my access into the Accounting/HR system. It’s now Thursday and still not resolved. I did have something interesting happen to me last night/this morning. I probably need to give some background first. I was employed for over 10 years by a company and was let go just over two years ago. The company has a rule that current employees can’t provide recommendations to former employees – to the point that management is told repeatedly not to make connections on Linkedin with current coworkers in case they become former coworkers. Now that I need references, it really causes a problem to say that after almost 11 years somewhere no one is willing to vouch for me because they would be putting their job on the line. I’ve tried to connect with people as I’ve come across them if they’ve left the company. I live between two cities. One is a little bigger and closer, but the most recent census was expected to announce that it’s just one big metro area. I used to work in the larger one, and now I work in the other. It’s not a permanent job, but I’ve been here for a year now and have through the end of the year. Yesterday, it was suggested by Linkedin that I add R, an admin I had worked with briefly. I did, and she accepted the request that afternoon. Then I received this series of messages: Hi L: Thank you for the Connection invite. I'm looking again and I was wondering if temp agency has any direct hire, full time Administrative Assistant job openings? R R, Honestly, I don't know. I have very little contact with the agency. I've been placed through them at xyz for just over a year. If you are interested in City2 though, I can tell you the Admin who supported some people I work with just moved to another position. It hasn't been posted, but here's the link to the career page What are you doing now? L From: "R To: "'L I only asked about agency because your LinkedIn profile says “Consultant at agency.” And no, I’m not interested in moving to City2, but thank you for the tip. You can ck out my Profile on LinkedIn, since we’re connected and all. Um, weird much? She’s scolding me for being helpful? Is this the way to build connections? How many times has someone asked you about yourself and you told them to do the research themselves? I found the whole think bizarre, why ask for help if you didn’t really want it?

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