Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Great Adventure

My Dad went with a friend to a match the other week when I started this entry. So I was hanging out more with Mom this week. Less recitals of things I’m trying to get done for you to read. Actually, I want to get all my CDs on to my computer. I’ve been just copying on CD a day onto my laptop. Slow, but it feels lazy to say “I spent the evening copying CDs to my computer.” But guess what I have been doing? Yeah, I have almost all my music either on my computer or iTunes wishlist. I put everything I want on the wishlist. I try to buy something only once a month so I’m not surprised one day with a $100 iTunes bill. I realized I wrote something the other day that perfectly summed up the feelings I try to express sometimes. I told a friend that, “I took a 4-5 hour drive through the country the one day. It was great - and impressed my friends and family with my courage to read a map and go off on my own. Not going to Afghanistan/Iraq, but reading a map, lol.” I have no desire to strap a bungee cord to my feet and jump off a bridge. However, sitting home reading and watching TV are enjoyable, but I want more out of life. I want to drive out of town for the weekend to see what the one tank trips I read about are like. Or to volunteer at something because it sounds interesting. I volunteered to help at a charity fundraiser next week, but my friends think I’m nuts. Why would I go meet people when I can be home watching a DVD? Isn’t life supposed to happen outside of the tv screen? One friend made a comment a week or so ago that she can count all her friends on her fingers. It seemed sad to me. I’m not saying I consider everyone I’m Facebook friends with to be someone I can go to with all my problems. But between groups that I know, I feel there are a fair number of people that would listen. How do you make the contacts to have that support network? Or a work network? I know I find a lot of networking to be fake and superficial. It still needs to be done, though. I think the best way to do it is to make as many friends and acquaintances as you can for the purpose of actually knowing people not just collecting names for what they can do for you. Then let God work through everyone to do as He wishes. I just don’t see what benefit there is to avoiding experiences – especially ones that are in your comfort zone. Think of it this way And lastly, did anyone watch the Pretty Little Liars premier? I know, but I did say that watching TV is enjoyable.

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