Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Or as those of us not in the government, education, or banking fields like to call it - another Monday in January.
Okay and GE and P&G get the day off.  But most other corporations or non-profits do.  It leads me to getting a little annoyed this time of year when I'm crazy busy, and people who get the day off try to explain that they work harder than me.  I didn't realize I had it so easy while I was driving to work, and you were home in bed.
Okay, and I know I probably sound whiny, but I would just like to add a few things I think when I read Facebook -
No, there's no way that is a good idea.  I can't think of a way that it would have possibly looked good to you.
Do you really like the new hairstyle?  Because it really doesn't suit you.
Lastly, don't say "Terrible news, please pray for me" and then wait for a certain number of people to beg for specifics before you say, "please don't ask" or finally give some vague answer.  Explain better the first time or keep it off Facebook because you look like a drama queen who thrives on the attention.

Well, I guess I've been catty enough for today.

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