Tuesday, May 7, 2013

O is for One Life to Live

I had planned this out to be just before the premier of the reboot.  Now it is after the first week of shows.  I've watched every day.  I feel I can make some comments.
It's shorter, and that feels different, but it's also easier to find time to watch.  The recap show seems a little odd, but it might get better as they can interact more with the audience instead of anticipating.  The cast is smaller which combined with some sets and my laptop monitor make me feel a little cramped.  There was one soap, Port Charles?, that had all the characters but basically rolled them in and out every few months.  I wonder if they are going to do that since they have to have a smaller budget now.
Let's go through the characters and give my impressions -
Clint - Still going to be the ruthless business man which you would expect.  The wedding to Vicki didn't happen off screen!
Viki - The newspaper is becoming important again.  I like that because I started watching during Kevin and Cassie's rivalry/affair.
Bo - Is he still the chief of police?  His apartment looks the same, more than the others.
Nora - When she went to talk to Natalie yesterday, she annoyed me less than usual.
Dorian - I like how they brought her back to town and kicked off the fued with Viki again in one swoop.
David - I like that he's being written as less of an idiot
Blair - I think she'll fall for Todd again right before he leaves town again.
Todd - I wonder how they'll handle Roger Howarth leaving again.  I come down on the side of the actors which means it's in their best interest not to alienate the Mouse so Prospect Park has no idea what they are messing with.
Victor - I can't believe they kept his return a secret.  That was awesome.  I want to know why he has a tattoo that matches the box in Todd's hotel and his invitation - was it a black ops site?
Tea - The baby's death caused her to have a mental break and ignore her daughter, and I'm sure never forgive Todd.  I assume Blair will and it will renew their fued.
Dani - she's a little bit of a whiny brat, so I guess that's what she sees in Matthew.
Matthew - again I like him but I wonder if they are promoting him to slap Eddie Alderson from being related to his sister and being on GH.  I like him working at BE.  I don't like him naming a baby after his brother and then ignoring the baby.
Destiny - haven't seen enough of her to comment, but I liked the previous actress being heavy set so I'm afraid that they are going to make her just another character instead of someone slightly different.
Kevin - He is the biggest star now on the show.  No one else has had a number one movie so I understand using him, and as the newcomer we catch up through his eyes.  I like how he connects the older and younger casts.
Jack - Still a jerk.  Will he fall for Destiny? What else point can he have?
Rama - I didn't like or understand her before, and I see no point in her now.
Cutter - I thought his plot was over.  I don't get why bring him back instead of someone else - even someone not on the show when it ended.
Natalie - Is she supposed to have hooked up with Cutter after he tried to con her brother?  I haven't seen enough to have a comment.

It seems to me that the 30/40 crowd is the one that left.  It makes sense to me.  The older people thought they were retired and probably not going to work much so this is a chance to experiment while they are already as set as they can be financially.  The younger ones are still trying to make a name for themselves and believe it is the wave of the future.  The 30/40 have families to support so they don't have the time or money to take the risk.  At the same time, those are the viewers who are less likely to have time.  The older people are retired and it's a habit so they'll find out how to watch online.  The younger people are intrigued and have the cast geared to them while they have the time in college to goof off.

Oh and they can say "shit" now which comes off as a child with a new toy and very junior high-ish rather than edgy.

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