Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blitzen here

Blitzen here.  I thought I’d take over Mom’s blog today.  I know she usually does video blogs, but I’m so good-looking I don’t want you to be distracted by it.  It’s true.  The first time anyone sees me they say, “What a handsome dog!”  Once in a parking lot, I heard someone use the word gorgeous.  I could only turn around and smile at Mom.
I wanted to come to you and tell you all about the problems I’m having and hope you can help me lobby for these changes.
Grandpa has decided it’s healthier for me not to eat vegetables.  I loooovvvee broccoli.  I think it’s the reason my eyes are still sparkly, even if I am 10.  It tastes so good, especially with chicken.  I love chicken, even if it did make Koti throw up last night.  What could be so bad for me?  I see the news they tell the humans to eat it all the time.
I’m trying to get “my” spot ready for the winter.  It’s next to Mom’s room, the deck, and I can see most of the backyard.  It’s close enough to the house that the ground is warm.  It’s perfect to snuggle in.  It is outside so Koti doesn’t want to be near it.  I can watch the birdies in case they forget that it’s my yard!  Anyhow, Grandpa thinks it causes a mess.  Everyday, he puts all the dirt I’ve moved back, so I have to dig it out again.  Can’t the man keep his paws to himself?
I guess I’ll let Mom have the blog back now, but I’ll keep you updated.  I have to have someway to keep the people in check!

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