Thursday, September 1, 2011


I typed this up a few weeks ago. I filmed a video blog, and will post it just as soon as I’m done adding some links to the bottom.
What should I blog about today?
How about a reference to my Facebook post a few weeks ago about a “whirl of gaiety”? Anyone get the reference? It’s a chapter title in Little Town on the Prairie. Laura talks about how there’s church, school with a fun crowd, Friday night literaries, and a Thanksgiving New England Supper. It is the term she uses to describe a pleasant rush of activity. I felt that way a couple weeks ago, and I do again.

Monday – tennis lessons
Last night – Well, it was a movie night with friends but lately we talk to much to watch a movie.
Tonight – Toastmasters
Tomorrow – Dinner with our youth director to plan the coming year.
Saturday – Amusement park with a friend

Update: I’m starting to add a second tennis lesson to the week. Something has to give. I think it’s going to be Toastmasters. I don’t think I’m going to quit, but I’m going to focus just on me. In other words, know that my life is crazy and focus on completing my tasks and if I don’t have a task not to worry if I miss a meeting. This goes against how I usually act, but it’s that or give it up entirely.

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